So after almost 2 years, I’m back to prep for 2018 revival… (Already missed 2 days but at 12k words, i think you guys will understand)

I’m no longer tolerating the “prison” of monogamy that almost caused me to self-destruct…

You can almost say I’ve fully given up on societal “mindless” realms & drama for the sake of exploring consciousness, being a “crash dummy” tester in this physical world and the facilitation of consciousness growth.

This means…
1.  Personal Social Media – If it’s not related to 10Lifestyle or “in the future” logistical reasons, it doesn’t exist in my awareness or life
2.  Melodrama Living – I’m 100% unattached to everything for the sake of no stress, objectivity, self-awareness, exploration & personal growth
3.  Modern Relationships – Never again shall I be in a “bubble of 2” monogamous lifestyle nor shall I ever deal with another human on that level (I’m convinced that this is one of the core reasons “death” is required within all living things)
4.  Dogmatic Societal Culture & Norms – Most humans are “asleep at the wheel” living a life of chicken fodder and I find no reason to remain “in the loop” or apart of such mindless nonsense which includes news media and cultural dogma.

As the weeks & months go by I’ll slowly uncover & address many things. All I can say, I almost went insane & dysfunctional after almost 3 years in monogamy. Yet, it was the springboard for what’s to come in 2018 and beyond as I block out all unprofitable aspects of life.

An so, one aspect I’ve been exploring is “on the fringe” scientific realms such as Neuroscience & Quantum Mechanics in relation to “My Big Toe” (by Tom Campbell) model of reality.

I’ve taken all these “on the fringe” realms such as cognitive neuroscience, quantum theory, quantum biology, etc  and looked at it from the perspective of 10LS philosophy, which utterly blew me away for a number of reasons…

–  10Lifestyle is in DIRECT harmony of both MBT “model of reality”, quantum mechanics & neuroscience research.
–  10Lifestyle is a highly efficient “entropy reduction” platform for immense consciousness growth (So far I’ve found no other platform that achieves such broad and open-ended potential for growth)
–  10Lifestyle shamelessly pierces through the dogma & belief-traps of modern society & cultures while still OBJECTIVELY seeing the positives & wisdom within the many sub-CULT-ures within society.

Which is why, I’m diving deep into Neuroscience Of Socialization. I’m also writing this because it is basic findings that apply to 10Lifestyle philosophy. That said, I can’t just throw you into the deep end especially if you aren’t familiar with the book “My Big Toe” by Thomas Campbell.

Humans Are Like Termites “Bottom-Top” Computers

This headline stems from Co-Professor of cognitive studies Daniel Dennet, which he explained in his talk “If Brains Are Computers, Who Designs To Software?” the difference between “Bottom-Top” termite ant castle via “Darwinism” & the “Top-Bottom” Barcelona church made via “Intelligent Designer” Antoni Gaudi…

There was no termite boss, no architecture blueprint, just 70 million individuated termites doing their individual thing similar to the estimated 85+ billion clueless neurons that fire off in each human being. The question asked…

How do you get a Gaudi-type mind out of a termite colony brain? 85+ billion semi-autonomous neurons who doesn’t know him nor care, yet must be organized into something that Antoni Gaudi created.

Dennet, then mentioned the largest building developed during world war 2 era, K-25 Oak Ridge where the Manhattan project was being worked on. 12,000 Human beings working on a construction project, yet clueless about “what it was for”. Like Toni Gaudi, this was a “top-down” process BUT it differs in the fact that on the K-25 project there was a diminishing “level of comprehension” as you go down. Dennet referred to this as “I can’t see the woods for the trees”. 

In laymen terms, it would take evolutionary time to get termites to do something else as there is no one their to be self-aware and reverse engineer their system, which is what we as humans can do as self-aware consciousness. Yes, attempt to stomp a termite and off free-will it will make a decision. However, there is no organization that gives termites a birds eye view of what’s going on…

“What’s it like being the American Football Team, Seattle Seahawks?” Dennet asks. Not to be mistaken for individual players BUT the team. There “team” isn’t like anything that has a brain. Which then asks the question, “How does consciousness seem to be a General Leslie Grove where there isn’t?” Ironically this can be answered understanding “My Big Toe” by Thomas Cambell model of reality. In Neuroscience, it’s called “illusionism” where consciousness is a useful illusion.

From a Neuroscience viewpoint, were like a specialized code/information that can be modified to make apps. As a programmer we don’t need to know the hardware behind it. (Majority of the world has zero awareness of Quantum Physics, Digital Physics, Out Of Body Experiences, Remote Viewing, or the sub-realms of Quantum Mechanics…That doesn’t stop human beings from experiencing, learning, growing, falling into belief-traps, devolving, self-destructing, etc.)

Perfect example that was used in Dennet’s talk was “The English Virtual Machine” which was downloaded to all our consciousness as were able to read/interpret this article. You at this moment are downloading the information I’m writing. Language permits us to share, words as he calls it are “thinking tools” (information) just like numbers, diagrams, maps, methods, analogies, metaphors, perspectives. Which Dennet calls perspectives” or ways of being “Intuition Pumps”.

Cultural evolution designed “thinking tools” that impose novel structures on our brain…

What are words made of? They’re abstract, “virtual” information. Linguisitic Ray Jackendoof in his book “Foundations Of Language” states “Words are semi-autonomous informational structures” (From an MBT perspective we as consciousness interpret the information aka “words”)

Now think about the diversity of words, there are 6909 living languages around the world…Did those words have intelligent designers? Heck, look at slang, memes, and hashtags also. These things are all complex structures designed by natural selection within cultures. You don’t download chinese language from your genes. You as an information system evolve aka “go learn it” to interpret the information.

As stated in his talk (mentioned early) he talks about “MacCready Explosion”…

10,0000 years ago: Human population plus livestock & pets was approximately 0.1% of terrestrial vertebrate biomass.

Today: 98%

“Over billions of years, on a unique sphere, chance has painted a thin covering of life-complex, improbable, wonderful and fragile. Suddenly we humans…have grown in population, technology, and intelligence to a position of terrible power: we now wield the paintbrush.”

So despite all this, how is it possible to have so much DOGMA, ego & fear despite moving into what is currently the most advanced age of human history?

Well we’d have to look at the overall big picture of the 85+ billion neurons in each individual…

Neurogenesis & Neuroplasticity In Relation To 10Lifestyle Philosophy

Before we can dive into the specific neurons related to socialization, I 1st must point out the 2 key processes that are essential for continual growth within the “rule-set” of being a conscious human entity on earth. Keep in mind, everything is interconnected as you’ll later find out…

Neurogenesis is the ability to create new neurons & connections between neurons throughout a lifetime

Neuroplasticity refers to the lifelong capacity of the brain to change, modify and rewire itself in response to the stimulation of learning and experience

The kicker of all this, is when you look at scientific evidence of how to physically increase both processes, it just so happens to fit identical to 10Lifestyle Philosophy. Beyond the consciousness growth, everything about 10Lifestyle that I explored is in harmony with neuroscience.

Let us 1st look at social aspects that increase Neurogenesis...

A. Enriched Environment – Having an expanded potential of learning opportunities, social interaction and more physical activity

When I 1st read about this I sat in awe, it was the “trifecta” of 10Lifestyle. Becoming a fascinating man who has both an active social life and sex life. Anyone who’s truthfully explored 10LS philosophy and concepts will tell you the rollercoaster ride of experiences, potential and growth. (As you’ll see in one man’s story when he met 10LS alumni Gravity)

How so?

The 10LS Process, is a perpetual facilitator for all 3 aspects of an enriched environment. To put in perspective, the 1st time I ever broke my cell phone and lost all my contacts it took exactly ONE MONTH, to add 100 new women into my life. Talk about an enriched environment!! The potential to learn, socialize more and engage in physical activities is essentially limitless.

B. Chronic Sexual Experiences

  1. Most insiders know 10Lifestyle is all about socializing, it’s to the point where sex (physical activity) is nothing more than a recreational activity without fear/ego, which is why many people influenced by 10Lifestyle philosophy hookup with such ease…It’s like turning on a faucet of water. This is why sex and socializing isn’t viewed as separate, strip the fear and ego all that’s left is the concept of sex being a sub-set of FUN. I’ve always stated that modern society has sexuality all wrong and as time goes on I’ll write about just how dogmatic the expression of sex has become. You might think modern society has become sexually liberated and expanded consciousness, nope!! You’re better off stating the last generation discovered sex as that sounds more sane than the latter.

Although, I won’t do this for every section, I wanted to share an excerpt of a guy who met 10LS Alumni Gravity for the 1st time. This is a perfect example of possibilities due to an enriched environment…

Me and some girl make eye contact and I wink at her. She grabs me and says I can’t just wink at somebody and walk away. I laugh and we start talking.

Gravity taps us both on the shoulder and screams NO! I’m taken aback by this, then he puts her hands around my neck, puts my hands on her ass, and pushes us closer together. She’s laughing at this and we just makeout. I try to pull her but she’s there with friends and isn’t willing to leave. Bummer too because she was really hot.

I take her number and the go find gravity dancing at some table with some girls. He asks what happened and when I tell him he asks me “why didn’t you just pull the entire group?” Which I had no answer to, just didn’t occur to me that I could do that. He tells the girls that we’re going to have an afterparty at my hotel’s pool and they wanna come with.

We go with them to their place so they could get their bathing suits. He said we could just fuck them in there, but we’ll go swimming first. At my hotel I get room service to bring a bottle of champagne. We all drink and splash each other in the pool. I’m talking to this one girl who is telling me she just broke up with her bf. Jackpot. Pull her back to my room and we have sex.  I text gravity that he can come pull any of the girls he wants.

He doesn’t respond so I go downstairs to the pool only to find him fucking one of the girls in the shower.


There was a few things that I learned:
fun should be the first priority
-why would I chase if I was actually abundant?
Give them the excuse to do whatever they wanna do.
-I can do no wrong
-Me meeting a girl is her opportunity, not the other way around.
With my money and resources I could live a life of my choosing very easily just by virtue of my abilities.
-I will be okay even if I don’t approach
-I should focus more on talking to my IDEAL type.

A trifecta of learning opportunities, social interaction and EFFORTLESS physical activity. Notice, they go back to the women’s place so they could get their bathing suits. As you’ll read about other aspects in terms of neurons, when sex is as effortless as “turning on a faucet” your perspective becomes modified. You’re not a sex-starved zombie who needs to have sex to self-define himself or gain validation, like an abundance of water if you want a drink you just drink.

So what about Neuroplasticity

A. Intensity Attitude

I’m not sure how much you know about myself or 10Lifestyle Philosophy but if it’s one thing I’ve always repeat over and over…

Gaining rapid experience, I’ve always stated if you don’t have 50-100 women in your contacts right now then you haven’t even begun to start building your lifestyle or truly experiencing the inner workings of what goes on. If you ever heard me being interviewed you probably heard me say the coin phrase “The process is like clockwork” because by time you take a moment to rest and look at your life your socially all over the place…

You got a b-day here, that yoga chick from cali is texting you wanting to meet up as it’s her last night, the group of college chicks you just met are inviting you to an after party and the bartender wants to connect with you to check out an industry night event. What’s comical and utterly dysfunctional is when a guy asks about a situation about ONE SPECIFIC GIRL and that’s his whole situation for months. The average bro, always has a story of “I got this one chick…blahblahblah”.

I never spoke about chicks in my life, where’d I begin? The 8 girls met on friday? The 12 chicks met on saturday? Wait, the 3 cool ass chicks from last saturday? Or last friday those bottle buyers who were with those 5 girls and want to hang next week? I don’t even know who I like or want to keep in my life.

Most have never seen me texting internally to insiders or friends, when I think of the frequent saying of “kill it” or “tear it up” it’s a safe bet I mean the intensity to building up your lifestyle and rapidly gain experience as you’ll grow immensely which based on Neuroplasticity modifies the neurons in your brain.

B.  Huge Social Network

Do you now see why I stated it’s too ironic that 10Lifestyle Philosophy & Neuroscience fit like a custom made glove. I honestly explored 10LS concept & processes 100% COLD. The only compass I had was “Is this profitable in terms of consciousness growth and potential?”

How many new people did you add to your life this week?

Go ask a random person how many new people have potentially been added into their lives?

99.9% of people are so disconnected that it’s taken jobs and careers within social oriented industries to even facilitate such neuroscience occurring which unless they’ve been researching which they probably haven’t, are like the termites mindlessly just doing their thing within their designated social boxes. In college it’s frats, in adulthood it’s entertainment & pop culture choose your poison of niche, mix it with some hospitality and you got a pseudo-ecosystem “social box” that individuals are a prison of.

I remember many years ago, while meeting a new woman on the street,I ran into a girl I knew. As she was greeting me and introducing me to her friend, she had a laughing moment with the new girl I was interacting with on the fact that THEY BOTH met me randomly on the street. The “dating community” has corrupted cold approach to the point that 99.9% of the world doesn’t see it’s benefit or potential. (Instead they view such guys as pests, creeps and losers which granted given their perspectives they are YES-man zombies many times deluded within their ego)

Case in point, in less than a day being in Prague I was living as if I’d been there for months, all due to the TOOL of cold approach. It’s that personal power that enables you to build a huge social network that…

  • Is Unbounded From Social & Cultural Norms
  • Transcends Social Boxes
  • Seems Like A Limitless Variety Of Potential Possibilities

C.  Novelty & Learning New Things

If it’s one aspect of 10Lifestyle living that I truly miss since the collapse of my life for almost 3 years it’s the novel experiences and the amount of growth generated…

There was a time period where one of my female friends and I became close solely due to her wanting to hear the latest craziness in my life. EVERY SINGLE OUTING was a ridiculous story, it’s how I came up with the concept “shared memorable experiences”. I actually had to consciously lower the frequency that I speak as it started to feel like I was a storyteller of all things exciting.

When I’d give a description of novelty, I’d always mention the experience that truly made me understand “Shared Memorable Experiences”…

One night I showed up at 3:30am to a hipster spot that had the whole “high end” business model going…

5 Girls & 5 Guys, it’s an ask in terms of the doorman BUT to my surprise he says “I have 1 table left, I’ll give you that table (for free) but if a client shows up for a table I’m going to take back the table I’m giving you and your friends.”

Fine With Me!!

We roll in, were already pumped up and ready to have a blast, I notice the DJ, a friend…However, 3:30am with my group ready to get wild, we need some bugout music. It just so happened as I was telling the DJ to switch up the music because were about to “go off” being our crazy selves. One of my boys was getting tons of sparklers. (We already had bottles brought to us)

For some reason, the name of the track eludes BUT with all the sparklers lit WE HAD THE TIME OF OUR LIVES…

The level of happiness, love, connectedness…Caused a handful of women to come to the table along with a random guy giving what I heard was party favors. I can’t describe the experience in words yet we along with everyone in that venue felt it.

Which is why my boy sister who had randomly met a guy was able to see from the outside and she said that people were asking her if we were celebrities, hahaha. If they only knew just how nameless (while infamous) we truly were.

I’m 100% no one forgot that moment, it was memorable

For those who’ve heard me state “3 musketeers” between myself, my boy and my other boy who I met through his sister. (I had told her to bring him out) It was on that night that we’d call ourselves that because we started going out as “one”. An this wasn’t the only time that going out was memorable. Practically every night before alcohol abuse and losing phones consistently was like sniffing the dust of “novelty”.

So many people used to say “don’t you get tired of partying” which goes back to novelty…

  • I never knew who I’d meet socially nor where the night would take me
  • I never knew exactly if I’d decide to let someone take me home nor who (I’ve had women promise I go home with them only to end up on a whole different trajectory)
  • No 2 nights were ever the same

Most people who were going out were with the same people, hanging with the same annoying boyfriend, (or girlfriend) and essentially on-guard about who’s making moves on who. Then you had the select few people who potentially might hookup. For modern society, nightlife is like “high school for adults” whereas for me it was experiencing adventures and personal growth, in a limitless sandbox.

One of my female friends and I had an inside joke that I must be secreting cocaine through an undisclosed organ because my ability to intensely hit experience and experience was relentless. Heck, beyond having no job, who goes out 70 days in a row? A person who has that much time on his hands wouldn’t even go out 70 days in a row.

However, like this whole article shows, my neurons was skyrocketing and my consciousness was soaking up experience, wisdom and growth like a sponge. It’s no wonder I felt like I was changing radically every 2-3 months. (This is actually how I learnt about how horrible monogamy was for me personally as I’ve been in a relationship longer than I’ve been exploring 10LS. In terms of both happiness & growth doesn’t even compare to when I was exploring 10Lifestyle.)

D.  Positivity Attitude

I can 100% state exploring 10Lifestyle philosophy truly modified me into a loving being…

I’ve heard so many people make judgments about others that to this day I still can’t comprehend where it comes from. It’s as if some people just enjoy looking at the faults of others and downplaying them. Even worst, comparing themselves to others. (Pure ego, only comparison you can ever truly make is you at x-time in comparison to y-time) Keep in mind, this has occurred while 1st exploring 10LS hanging amongst the “high end” scene to hearing it while in monogamy.The only difference is in monogamy I’m forced/stuck. (Will save all this for another article)

The irony of this increasing Neuroplasticity comes from the fact that as a teen I was a toxic/negative consciousness. While I’d grown out of it in my late teens due to exploring consciousness. Actual projected loving intentions and positivity towards others was directed due to the experiences had while exploring 10Lifestyle.

The scale of happiness was off the charts and it spilled over to all those who came into my presence. I could recall many times pondering “why am I always happy?” As I can’t recall a single day in 2012 where at a baseline I was below some form of content. Even when I lost my phone or had my 1st argument with one of my boys. (He actually was yelling at me, I sorta was accepting him acting stupid) I remember getting a new phone and this new girl I brought out got abit “high”, while running to greet her friend she smacked my phone out my hand…Mad, what for?

Positivity is a perpetual feedback loop which from a “top down” primal perspective is essential for momentum towards consciousnes growth.

NOTE: The other day I seen an old FB status where I acknowledge having only 3 “mild” bad days in 2012 so 3 out of 365 days?)

E.  Breaking Routines & Exploring Senses To The Limit

This aspect is, neuroscience truth that proves exploring life and consciousness growth is the #1 goal…

We as humans aren’t built to remain stagnant, living in “false” comforts and egoic/fearful bubbles. It’s safe to say our external environment and the personal experiences we gain are essential because how else would you push the envelope on a sensory level? This is possibly why if you look at company reviews on glassdoor website

You’ll notice people who’s job is to proactively be creative and solve problems have a much favorable reviews than people who are essentially “pushing buttons”. (Banking companies) You’ll also notice certain employees at certain companies lack vertical growth (corporate ladder) and how traditional/bureaucratic the culture might be.

There is a saying/stereotype in the hood that states “Some people never leave the block”. When you’re born, raised and live your lifetime within a 1-dimensional environment or social circle,  that is all you know. The internet thankfully gives others a “window” to spectate how others might live. However, this is vastly different from personally experiencing. My guess is that, it is this aspect of neuroplasticity that makes every travel blogger state “how life changing travel is” even if travel means never leaving their hotel resort and hanging amongst expats for the duration of their time .

F.  Social Interactions & Expressions

Are you starting to see a common pattern? Social creatures…

My 10Lifestyle explorative journey leading to me realizing how important human to human interaction was in terms of consciousness growth?

Turns out DANCING (could this be why I love dancing?) and laughter in conjunction of socializing all increases neuroplasticity.

Were practically wired to explore others and yet we live in a society where both technology, media and culture are catering to anti-social tendencies. You got fear infused with social movements of disconnection with humans. You got the constant fear-mongering of “don’t go to x-city/hood” as if you’ll instantly die. You got technological tools enabling you to never leave the walls of your home ever again.

I remember reading abit of Sir Richard F Burton’s memoir about his personal experience in Somalia during the mid 1800s. Keep in mind, he was the 1st white person to ever venture into these parts. When he spoke about his day to day life within a town/village he mentioned constant social interactions upwards to 9 hours with many people he didn’t know.

Let that sink in and think about modern times…

Endorphins “The Fast-Track Towards Euphoria”

Ever heard of heroin? Or Opioids?

I can’t recall what documentary or video I seen BUT I’ve heard a few heroin users mention the high of heroin is better than sex. Heck, a chick once approached me on the street attempting to exchange numbers so I can come over and try it…

Nonetheless, in our “bottom-up” feedback system a neurotransmitter called endorphins plays this role that can lead to a euphoric state… (also inhibits pain but trying to keep it social through and through)

A. Loving Intentions

Warning!! I’m not speaking of the OCD “retardation” state of false love that’s being peddled in modern society. That is a role, obligation and constraint built on fear, ego, assumptions, and expectation. A social disconnect from all others within a bubble of 2. (This distinction would require it’s own article)

The “unconditional” loving intention I’m speaking of derives from your being (why you do what you do) directed towards others in a fearless & egoless manner.  Think of it as a cooperative or win/win state of being. It’s a humbling connectedness to others rather than an “I vs Others” seperative state.

Although humanity is far from reaching unbounded spiritual love which enables unlimited free will, that’s the extreme end of the good/loving spectrum. When your consciousness is low entropy, low fear, low ego, low expectations/assumptions, and low belief-traps you naturally are more free and loving.

Think about that description compared to monogamous “retardation” state of a selfish 2 vs others.

As for intent, it’s essentially an expression of your being (why you do what you do) I’ve spoken on this many times.

10Lifestyle was built in direction of becoming a unbounded loving “entity” amongst a world of fearful and egoicentric entities in hopes of setting an example, providing opportunities and potentially facilitating consciousness growth within others due to them being in your presence.

B. Playful Attitude

It’s ironic, look at my videos of when I was single compared to monogamous…

Think of experiences where you took things “too seriously”, I’m sure every dude has personal experience of such a theme when it came to women. Heck, I’ve always stated WHY men have issues with their ideal type. One minute they’re joking around with girls they aren’t that attracted too and then BAM, that one chick roams into the room and all of a sudden “you’re as serious as a detective combing through a crime scene”.

I’m sure you’ve also heard of “beginners luck” and then it disappearing. Once again, taking it too seriously…

Monogamous roles, obligations and contracts…Taken too seriously

Life in general…Taken too seriously

It’s almost as if society is mindlessly chasing a state of happiness while oblivious to how serious they’re being.

If you notice within 10Lifestyle philosophy everything derives from a playful perspective.

Think about it…

  • Does homo-erotic mating dance sound “serious”?
  • Does going out having a blast sound “serious”?
  • Does sexual fun sound “serious”?
  • Does inviting others for adventures and shared memorable experiences sound “serious”?
  • Does disregarding all formalities, courting/dating roles, and traditional processes sound “serious”?

NOTE: After writing above, I almost went on a damn monologue that I had to completely “cut & paste” a whole section for a topic that requires it’s own article.

All I’ll say is…

War, did it derive from playfulness? What about domestic issues? Safe to say “war” and monogamy are essentially the samething given that it isn’t taken “lightly” and derives from something serious. I state this because; you can see the drastic difference between me single and me in monogamy. You can look at the life of when someone was single and switched to the dogmatic sexual CULT-ure of monogamy.

Anyone who’s experienced 10Lifestyle Philosophy applied to their life will tell you, it’s so much fun. The only seriousness in this whole equation is the after effects of “Damn, I’ve truly grown into a better person”. Ultimately playful attitudes and outlooks is a “destressor”. If you know me personally, you know I’m 100% guaranteed to chuckle, smirk, laugh and/or crack up over the slightest thing.

NOTE: Another aspect mentioned to increase endorphins was “laugh at yourself” this should give you an idea of just how serious you should be about life.

B. “Full Spectrum” Social Environment & Interaction

Once again, socializing plays a role…

However, endorphins neurofeedback plays on the full spectrum of interaction…

Not only does it increase from helping others or “giving to give”, which take a moment to think back…

Earlier we spoke about the connection of endorphins and loving intentions. TRUE LOVE is fearless, egoless and about others. How much selfishness is going on in society on all levels that derives from fears & ego that it’s within our CULT-ure of expectation that if you “give” you should get something in return.

Now before, some logical troll messages me stating “money exchange” isn’t giving to give. It’s a metaphorical tool, money is only the meaning we culturally agree upon and so logically if we want to increase the probability to survive via food, shelter, were forced to “play the game”. However, donations, buying your friends drinks, giving gifts, etc are all intentions of “giving to give” as there is no expectation.

Giving to give derives at the BEING level, it’s an intention not an intellectual process…

Perfect example, lame ass dudes going on dates, paying for everything and expecting sex from the woman. Ever, interacted with people mentioning a “give to give” expression only to hear someone yap back “why would you do xyz?” then let the fears, ego, belief-traps monologue roll…

I can recall early in my monogamous relationship, my gf was shocked that past women would have one night stands with me and run off to work (or whatever) leaving me in their apartment.

NOTE: Back in 2011, I used to tell this hilarious story about manhattan high rises not having curtains because I once was left alone after the woman forgot her personal trainer was going to buzz her for her day’s workout…I’d come in at night, so when I went to get a drink in the morning walking from the bedroom to the kitchen which passed the living room…Floor to ceiling windows in the living room with construction workers working on the building across the street and I’m butt naked hahaha)

Moving On, I mentioned “social environment” because essentially…

Alcohol, dancing, physical expressions and sex all are a concoction of firing off endorphins…

Many people riddled with lots of fear & ego are dependent solely on alcohol to inhibit their fears to reach a euphoric threshold “baseline” enabling them to socialize and focus on not being serious but more playful.

If you’ve read my stuff in the past, you know 10Lifestyle considers sex a 100% recreational thing, not a big deal, not serious. (Other sub-CULTs and “serious” roles would beg to differ, but look where those creeds lead them, I once followed it for 3 years)

You also hear me time and time again state that sexuality is a sub-set of fun…

Everything else about sex as stated by Marty Klein in “Sexual Intelligence” derives from low consciousness interpretations derived from fear & ego.

In a nutshell, 10Lifestyle as a process is a self-perpetual feedback loop of euphora from meeting people, inviting them along into your life, to selecting women to have a sexual experience with.

NOTE: Increasing oxytocin also increases endorphins,which is why although were looking at everything as separate aspects, it’s all interconnected as humans are complex biosystems. That said, it’s clear as a society we’ve become more anti-social and stimulant junkies because basic functions in life that nudge us from a “bottom-top” perspective is being neglected or out of whack due to stimulants. As always, how many new people have you met this week? How many have you brought along in your life?

Dopamine The “Reward & Pleasure” Neurotransmitter

To be honest, I put an image of “dopamine deficiency” because I’ve finally figured out a major neurological issue within myself and have started testing as early as this week (within “non-social” settings)

ADHD, Restless Leg Syndrome, bored out my mind, apathetic, lack of drive, motivation, sex drive, and enthusiasm.

NOTE: Again many neurotransmitters/symptoms are interconnected…I know 100% I have high libido (not normal) BUT due to stress in “prison” and no dopamine outlets via social/sexual realms that I was used too. My sex drive plummeted to normal, a balancing act due to a high libido mixed with severely low dopamine levels. Keep in mind, I haven’t taken any neurological test BUT I’m highly self-aware of my inner workings.  Years ago a FB once stated I was a low-key sex addict with immense self-control, this is because back then dopamine levels were far better than last 3 years. Ultimately I know dopamine is a key factor as I’m now smoking less and since breaking off from girlfriend I’ve been easily writing and working on site 10+ hours a day.  (Serotonin plays a role too but as you’ll see later recalling positive memories and increasing endorphins play a role in serotonin modulations)

A.  Reduced Stress

Stimulants are the #1 thing humans “chase” in hopes of correcting their neurological dopamine deficiencies. Humans take reality way too serious, it’s apparent in our global culture. From a minor bump, to relationship issues, to family bickering, all the way to full blown warfare. Global insanity.

All humans need to change their perspective in order to have reduced stress and think with more clarity. A state of harmony isn’t found externally, it all derives from within. From a standpoint of no self-inflicted pressure enables you freedom to grow without the noise all around you. It is our free-will choice.

B.  Pleasurable Experiences (Based On Individual Interpretation)

As you’ll come to notice, a lot of things that increase dopamine are based on personal conscious interpretation. Majority of functioning humans would agree things like good food, sex and music are pleasurable. Flipside, all the niches and fetishes in the world are a more personal variation. Some people like video games others enjoy sports. These are all subject to change, including your overall lifestyle interest both socially and sexually.

This is why beyond someone stating an experience in their journal or story, I don’t acknowledge rating women as it’s 100% subjective to each individual. The issue here, is on a global scale, humans tend to not respect others in terms of what they gravitate towards whatever it is that might nudges them towards. This holds true in terms of what a person likes sexually to what realms they enjoy growing or destressing within.

C. Enjoying The Quest

We live in a world where people lack patience and want “instant” everything…

For me, I learnt patience fairly young due to exploring consciousness. In everything, you’re forced to accumulate data/experiences in order to evolve and self-modify. Yet, everyone tries to look for a quick fix and scheme to cut corners not realizing the biggest benefit of a “saga” is experiencing the journey 1st hand.

Imagine, if everything could change at the snap of a finger, how could you learn and grow?

Snap you can hookup with women, now what? Bam, you learnt a language now what? Bam you’ve got millions, now what? You’re gonna blow money, bang chicks and hangout speaking in the native tongue? Then what? Sit in comfort and wait to die?

If that was the case you’d miss out on everything else that comes with growth and time…

  • The thrills of breakthroughs
  • The mind-boggling “epiphanies” and “positive traumatic” moments that change you forever
  • The lessons learnt as to what’s unprofitable
  • The dissolving of fears, egos, judgments, expectations, delusions, belief-traps, dogma, assumptions, pre-conceived notions, etc
  • The comedic memories of your accumulated failures that makes you never forget “where you came from”
  • The celebratory and gratitude “events” that occurs on the journey
  • The challenges & tests that pushed you to grow beyond your current state

I can go on and on, yet everyone seeks the magic pill. It’s apparent in the laziness of humans in general in terms of exploring/investigating for themselves personally. Everyone always has a friend who has a friend who did something. However, it’s neither your personal experience nor your knowledge/truth. Yet we cling onto believing or disbelieving aka “jumping to conclusions” because it’s instant, takes no pressure, no attack at our ego, no sweeping the rug from under your fears.

Thee person can sit in the spectator box and throw “judgment” tomatoes and inflate their ego. Sadly, put that same human in the gladiator dome when shit is “personal” and they’re singing a different tune.

When we spectate others we only see their “current” state, we fail to see the quest. So when you hear people getting serious talking about the best basketball player. Just remember that same player woke up at 4am and wouldn’t leave until he’s made 800 shots. While his team was just waking up for breakfast, he’s drenched in sweat with ice packs.. Yet, the spectators enjoy playing the critic from their bubble.

The same could be said about people attempting to make guys who want to become better with women and become more social look like autistic, lame, creepy, pervy, losers.

Spectators will always judge BUT atleast the man is attempting to grow and it’s much more probable he will grow and experience a much enrichening life than the boyfriend who yelled at him 5 years ago saying “Fuck off talking to my girlfriend!” (If he’s still with her, he’s probably living in misery)

NOTE: It’s bizarre how neuroscience complements consciousness growth. Dopamine is almost like an evolutionary neurotransmitter to continually nudge us to keep growing as a consciousness moving towards good/loving intentions. It’s apparent in the fact that it’s easy to deplete it and gain a tolerance to stimulants, throw your consciousness out of whack and risk having issues ever feeling the desire to grow. It’s almost like taking an evolutionary break unaware that you’re actually sliding backwards.

D. Consciousness Breakthrough & Discovery

As a frantic “crash dummy” explorer and truth seeker I know this aspect all too well. I’m addicted to “exploring”, my whole life is dedicated to it. If you knew me, I fall far from the concept of a consumer in the traditional sense and I find holidays to be an excuse for something you could technically do on anyday. However, that’s just me and how my consciousness works.

What’s bizarre is just how little people explore or investigate. You can ask both yourself and others, what they’re currently exploring. Majority of answers will revolve around work. 5, 10, 15, 30 years later you ask them the samething and it’s probable to be work/career.

This is because majority of humans time is spent working, sleeping and consuming “chicken fodder”. Many cut down sleep to add in more stimulants, tv, entertainment, gossip, news, etc.

Now, before anyone goes crazy, work is a great space to gain breakthrough because fundamentally you’re socializing along with exploring a specific realm. However, the issue with work, sleep, chicken fodder is that you become a 1-dimensional consciousness.

Imagine, 10 years go by and the only realm explored is work while interacting within the same exact social boxes on the “weekend”. How diverse is your potential opportunities to grow? Take me for instance, born and raised in the hood. What if from 18 to 28 I only socialized and connected with people within the hood. How could I have possibly grown into the person I am now?

Again, a change in social boxes and environment isn’t “just it”, it’s your ability to consciously explore the realms you’re in. This is why you have digital nomads and expats who seem to have barely grown because despite a change in location they’re still in the same “social boxes” from location to location.

It takes a consciousness to willingly explore in order for breakthroughs and discovery to occur…

E. Gratitude & Celebration

This is rather funny for me to find out because “I don’t celebrate holidays” not even my birthday…

I think this occurred when I 1st started exploring consciousness as a teenager. That said, as I became an adult exploring life more and more (especially during 10Lifestyle initial discovery era) I had become a person who celebrated everyday and had immense gratitude to be given this opportunity.

Why? Either MBT book or a video of the author speaking, a question was asked along the lines of…

“If you could get a re-roll at life given all the potential, avatars, location, family, probable makeup of biochemistry and defects…Would you take that roll instead of your current life?”

If you’re reading this…

  • You’re probably not blind (or using a braille computer)
  • You’re probably not living in a war torn country hoping your village doesn’t get pillaged or bombed
  • You’re not living completely isolated from the world. (North korea?)
  • You’re not born into a country with severe travel restriction (Bangladesh?)
  • You’re not suffering poor and hungry in the poorest countries around the world
  • You’re not 1 of the 40 or so million people living in slavery in the year 2017

Yet we westernized humans bitch & moan, fight & argue about the most trivial things. It’s like were ungrateful children always wanting to sedate our egos. Now, this is hyperbole but you’re not baking in the sun waiting for that $1 donation so that volunteer can run out cheering to give 10 poverty ridden kids a piece of bread.

I make these statements because for me, when I think about consciousness growth and potential possibilities. I always remind myself that many people around the world would kill to have the opportunities I have. Yes, I grew up in the hood BUT I was far from living in poverty and I was living in New York of all places.

Beyond that, gratitude and celebration is a personal interpretation…

On video you’ve probably heard me say “round x” or “rehab tomorrow” or “lets hope we survive”. That’s my dark humor expressions of enjoying life to the fullest as I inherently am grateful for even having the potential to live how I live.

None of us are homeless, shuffling through trash pre-occupied about where the next meal is coming from. Ironically, a friend who used to be part of my crew came to NY and the 1st month he was sleeping on the train.

From a neuroscience perspective, gratitude is like a fail-safe mechanism to keep you growing and celebration is like steroids to pump you up and keep going.

F. Creativity & Lifestyle Building

I purposely made this section together because it goes hand in hand, you create your lifestyle and essentially your projection of creativity can be expressed onto that realm. Essentially creativity can be applied to many different realms.

From a social standpoint, the mere fact of looking at socializing as “play” is practically a sandbox to express your creativity in form of socializing. The possibilities are endless as each human is a “unique consciousness”. This is why, I dislike telling people what to say or do. I rather teach you the states of being and perspectives that are best and let you self-discover your own expressions based on your consciousness affinity.

If you notice, everything about 10Lifestyle at it’s essence leaves a rather open-ended and non-linear application. This is so you as a “consciousness” can project your own expression of 10Lifestyle in terms of both your presence and overall lifestyle. Not everyone is interested in highly stimulating nightlife or large social networks. Some people do just want to have a pleasant 1 on 1 conversation and nightcap to moans with 90s r&b playing in the background (Want a laugh, check out this track, heck next time you’re about to have sex play)

You catch my drift?

The whole purpose of creativity on a consciousness level is inherently exploration. Creative arts as a career/job isn’t paying the bills for most but it is another outlet to potential grow. Majority of us aren’t willing to allocate time BUT even something as simple as journaling (which majority of insiders do) can increase dopamine.

NOTE: I’ve omitted the aspects of anticipation, physical expression and sex as that whole realm would require its own article. Similar to the concept “We are all one” the understanding of sex being an intense exchange of data is oblivious to majority of the world. When sex is looked at from that perspective, it makes sense that dopamine would play a role. However,  my perspective of sex and sexuality goes beyond Neuroscience, talking more about it would be going way off-topic.

Overall, dopamine plays a role in all aspects of life beyond social & sexual realms which is why I consider it the fuel that continually nudges us to grow, grow, grow. It’s where pleasure, reward, arousal and desire all comes into play.

Depression Vs Serotonin & Oxerin

It’s sad that depression affects 300+ million people and is the leading cause of disability…

While I’m always skeptical of such statistics due to the fact that what’s the “baseline” measurement? And did you go to all 7+ billion humans to assess? (They surely didn’t come to me in all my adult life) Also, what’s the states of depression that fall into the measurement? Although anxiety is different depression can lead to similar symptoms.

Enter the neurotransmitters serotonin & oxerin. Most have heard of serotonin which socially revolves around mood, sexual desire/function, memory and social behavior. Now the lesser known oxerin ironically plays within similar realms of arousal, appetite and wakefulness.

So lets run through these 3 aspects just to see how correlated things are within a person’s lifestyle…

A.  Social Interaction To Combat Depression & Anxiety

Ever notice, no matter how bad an external environment there are always outlets to socialize?

There is a vice documentary of civilians living in the Russian ethnic regions (not controlled by ukranian military) meeting together at designated houses before curfew in order to party. Heck, anywhere you go in the world you’ll notice a group of kids playing together despite whatever is going on externally.

Although most of my stress reduction resides in “other reality frames” I’m aware that many humans gravitate towards emotional support from others. Ironically, dancing also alleviates depression, so if you’re ever feeling down just “dance like no ones watching”. (I do it everyday)

B.  Serotonin “The Mood Modulator”

Like all neurotransmitters nothing is within you is 100% standalone, it’s a complex system which is why increasing oxytocin (will get to soon) and endorphins can actually boost serotonin….

Beyond that and reducing stress, in terms of your lifestyle and how it all intertwines with 10Lifestyle…

1. Social Dominance, this is effortlessly learnt through exploring 10Lifestyle philosophy. Again, I hate to continually repeat but repetition is probable to make you more aware within your own life. Majority of people live in fear, they think they control their social/sex life but they don’t, it’s a random probability distribution of work, school and moments within a social setting. It’s rare a person consciously makes an effort. It’s like everyone roams through life waiting for that meteor of “opportunity” to hit them. This is quite possibly why exploring 10Lifestyle leads to 0 bad nights regardless of the experiences had.let

2.  Positive Outlook is said to increase serotonin. How can most have a positive outlook when they don’t know themselves nor know the probable experiences in their lives based on how they’re being? 10LS & I have sort of an “inside joke” where we state that your only job in a social setting is to “show up” because it’s 100% guaranteed based on how you are that it’ll be a fun, enrichening learning experience.

3.  Recalling Positive Memories, this actually caught me by surprise the first time I discovered this because it explained what I feel when I look at “archive” videos I’ve created in the past. If you’re not saving memories/moments of memorable times in your life whether through pictures or videos then you’re doing yourself a disservice when you are near death. In the short term, just look back at the good times can jumpstart you to “keep going” as you recall all the good. A great project to do is the ted talk “1 second everyday” where you record a moment every day for a year and put it into a video. I did one in 2013 and it’s abit mindboggling to see a snapshot window into every moment of that year…

Oxerin “Hone Your Awareness”

An unsung hero neurotransmitter that is necessary yet less known than the others mentioned earlier. This can be increased through dopamine and oxytocin. However, I singled this out because one of the most profound discoveries that truly made me think “wow” is that…

If you want to increase oxerin or your conscious awareness, HAVE FUN!!

Ever heard the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun”

And sadly, most people are taking life way too serious, dwelling on external pettiness and internal issues.

Now you see why neuroscience blows my mind because I’m learning about all this AFTER having explored 10Lifestyle philosophy from a single concept to a full blown “way of living”. My decisions on what was profitable and unprofitable all derived from accumulated 1st hand experiences, remaining aware as to what objectively facilitated both consciousness growth and high probable experiences within social and sexual realms.

Think of all the “fun” metaphors that have come up in this article. From laughing at yourself to sex to a playful attitude to positivity. You know what one of my earliest sayings was? Fun is a drug, if my way of being is FUN then that means I’m cocaine. This wasn’t some religious creed or dogma neither, it was based on accumulated experiences as I spoke about 1 particular moment in “lifestyle over pickup” where a stranger thanked me for being present. (Over the years I’ve been thanked by management of establishments and random people on a continual basis)

Overall, it’s safe to say society is neglecting themselves to a wondrous life experience in favor of sitting inside a false illusion propped up by their egos. Yet most are so seduced by their “egoic stories” that they feel no need to change nor grow up.

People coming onto this site, are atleast open to the potential possibility of dissolving those fears and ego aspects that kept them within slavery of their own dimly aware “personal” reality.

Oxytocin “The Oneness Particle”

I purposely saved this for last because this is quite possibly what turned me into a much loving human and eventually lead to me understanding on a personal level the saying “We Are All One”. It has also enabled me to become a person who accepts a “live and let live” reality. Also the concept of tough love intentions radically changed me into a better person

Best of all, it’s said the opposite of fear is love and it must be true because the level of fearlessness that I’ve reached astonishes me. It’s to the point, that it’s hard for me to relate to such basic levels of fears or ego. All of this has to do with aspects I’d uncovered while on my personal journey exploring 10Lifestyle philosophy which says a lot about just how “whole” consciousness growth plays in favor to our own bio-chemical mechanisms.

Before I get into it, which is why I saved this for last…

You’ll notice I don’t mention it being nicknamed “love” and that’s because studies of Oxytocin has horrible misinterpretations that are in contradiction to consciousness. It’s the only neurotransmitter that does this, as I’ll point out…

  • Oxytocin promotes attachment NO it promotes connectedness assuming both consciousness are “open”. Does a hooker become attached to a client? How many men and women have horrible ego/selfish based sexual intentions? Like our “horse” based (remember we as human animal) neurons that can gain a stronger connection as we evolve and grow. (It’s as apparent as learning a new skill)
  • Oxytocin boosting sexual arousal & intensifies bonding BUT only if all parties are “connected” and “open” to that person. This might be the root cause of all “retardation’s of love” and “attachment” BS because in essence if everyone was opened to everyone as “one” then the ability to feel such an intense connection is possible with all when it comes to a sexual realm. However, ego & fears of course stunt such a potential and so people selfishly “bubble up” in pairs where their fears can be soothed and egos propped up.
  • Oxytocin reduces fears of others and improves social skills. Want to hear an oxymoron? There was a study which pointed out men in a “bubble of 2”. (monogamy) When they see the ONLY person they’re connected too aka “Their gf” reward/pleasure feelings lit up BUT any other woman pleasure feelings are SUPPRESSED. Another thing, oxytocin along with dopamine is flooded when 1st intimate, as the couple becomes less intimate the linkage/bond begins to decay. So “Human Retardation” stems from a false illusion of our “horses” and then we backwards rationalize it on a consciousness level that it must be love? However, this whole process is void if all parties aren’t OPEN to it? Yet, monogamy as a conceptual dynamic is built on the foundation of “2 in a bubble”? This whole aspect challenges the question as to why on earth are we doing these “bubble of 2” dynamics when it leads to closed off consciousness…I called this all out because while the neurons might reduce fears and improve social skills. Monogamy 100% doesn’t improve social skills nor reduce fears, it’s obvious in the mechanism of males when monogamous suppressing pleasurable feelings towards others. It’s obvious in total collapse of both parties social life and all the stupid fears/ego, roles & obligations that comes with monogamy.
  • Oxytocin promotes generosity…Yea in a “bubble of 2” there will be tons of it, what about everyone else though? I have nothing else to say hahaha, yea it may extend socially to your own social groups and boxes BUT what about the whole unit?

NOTE: It’s safe to say, you can infer where I stand in terms of the concept of “monogamy”. After almost 3 long years I’m finally glad to be free and have gained much better clarity than when I had zero personal experience. It has less to do with my actual girlfriend than myself living in the big picture and continually growing as a consciousness. It’s just a basic fact, I’d never be monogamous or in any form of dating role/obligation for the rest of my life.

So now that we sifted through the dogmatic aspects that doesn’t mesh with consciousness, we can now get to the social aspects…

A. Positivity/Optimism & laughter

It’s said that oxytocin reduces stress which is understandable about aspects of happy people living for joyous moments. It’s exactly how I’ve viewed the world since exploring 10Lifestyle, I have no interest in stress, drama, or any melodramatic BS.

Create a sense of joy in life through your lifestyle, laugh a lot, be happy for the moments, be happy for future growth and when it all ends via death, it ends. There is no need to mourn when such a time comes if all your life you’ve been on the path of perpetual growth. The awesome ride will unfold naturally.

It’s ego that creates a fear of death due to the attachment to a false identity…  (You are not your “horse” avatar, you’re the consciousness who temporarily rides the horse until that horse dies)

B.  Loving/Good Intentions & Self-Expression

We’ve covered good intentions earlier BUT what wasn’t pointed out last time is the fact that suppressing emotions lowers oxycotin…

This must explain why 10Lifestyle exploring era was such a free-flowing time period as it all came from a state of good intentions and fearless self-expression. I’m almost 100% sure this is what enabled me to explore a range of expressions, states and overall enabled strangers to trust me.

Back in the day, I’d mention certain experiences and people in the dating community would assume I’m lying. One of the biggest and most common was heading straight home with a woman when we’ve met for less than 5mins.

I always understood comfort/trust because as I was changing & growing I was surprised at how both men and women were fearlessly willing to follow through with things, myself included. Men offering me their apartment when they’re not in the city to chicks letting me go home with them in a taxi when we hadn’t even said more than 3 things.

Nonetheless, it’s always been random moments of well-intended expressions that made me understand the world isn’t as bad as society would want you to think. People have the capacity to be great people if you fearlessly go first showing them “it’s ok, you can drop the societal mask”.

C.  Shared Memorable Experiences

It’s so ironic, I’d never known all those years while single I was perpetually pumping oxytocin within. It’s apparent in my creation of “archive” videos to the fact that I can hear certain songs that teleport me back to a “fond memory”.

In essence, shared memorable experiences is a positive feedback loop that’s formed when people work together and are grateful for one another’s contribution within their lives…

Do I really need to keep harping on it? Yes, I do, all things knew to be profitable on a consciousness level yet had zero awareness about there being such a neurological feedback. If you’ve read social life hacking 2.0, I’m sure you know how I view “connectors”.

Heck, for the longest time my ex-gf would try to get me to properly label the people I knew. However, everything was a vague term as labels beyond communication purposes didn’t exist in my reality. Hence why I call “connectors” and I coming together as a collaboration although every consciousness can be viewed that way in some form.

I’m grateful for every human I’ve come across that facilitate some form of growth even if it’s a small accumulation of data in format of a “quick moment”.

This is why it’s hard for me to relate as I don’t people in a box by any means. A “friend” is so vague to me that in my world strangers are friends. (I just haven’t been aware of meeting them yet) I used to just express sexuality, there were no labels as to who was what.

One of the fastest dying concepts that occurred in monogamy was my concept of “crazies” or “partner in crimes”. If you noticed, I no longer use such terms because logically explaining it just adds more confusion. Which is why I only use the term friend or random, (1st time aware of the person) strangers haven’t existed to me in a long time.

Nonetheless, all the fun, adventures, exhilaration, tension, quick bonds, and just overall positivity is quite possibly the greatest thing about living life in this manner. I’ve forgotten so many things BUT there are always those key moments of breakthroughs that I never forget. Something as simple as a guy stating it’s refreshing to see someone enjoying himself within his own music. To others, it sounds like nothing until you look at the state of humanity.

D. Social Interaction & Lifestyle Building

This goes hand in hand in terms of oxytocin due to the fact that it revolves around the social boxes “culture”. The positive, encouraging and peaceful social life I once had where the lines of social/sexual were so blurry that no one judged anything. If you were happy and having a good time it was all good.

I’m almost sure, in the earliest stages the “core” group of 2012 have all seen each other getting sexual. I’ve seen my bi-sexual friend do straight and gay things, I’ve seen my female friends do all sorts of things and they’ve seen me do things.

That’s due to the “connectedness” we all had as a social circle. There was no ego or fear just having fun and at times expressing sexuality. I’d seen my bi-sexual friend fooling around with a woman he’s known for years, long than he’s known me. It was nothing BUT LOVE, it had nothing to do about ego based sexual reasons. Just pure fun interaction with someone he’d enjoy being around. Heck, 4 girls getting naked in the same room just having fun at no moment did anything need to happen it simply had potential to happen due to how we were as a group.

E.  Physical Expression, Sex, Orgasm & Pillow Talk

Many people probably recall my past mentions of “pillow talk” it’s one of the few realms where all parties are in their most vulnerable space and enables potential for fear-free and ego-free interaction. It’s actually this aspect that first made me learn just how much I grew from sexual experiences with a wide range of women.

No 2 consciousness will ever have identical “experience” nor potential possibilities to grow. Intentions & expressions will always be different. Monogamy collapses such a platform for raw, uncut and intense exploration and potential for consciousness growth. I hadn’t realized the level of impact until being in monogamy.

However, such a platform is actually non-existent in mainstream society due to CULT-ural dogma, ego (highly common for both men and women to use the other sexually and/or compare) fears. The concept of sex has so much dogma attached to it that it disables the majority to see the beauty and potential growth of sex. If you really think about monogamy, there is only 1 role/obligation “don’t have a sexual experience with any of the other millions of people”.

You tell me if that’s a more loving, connected world or selfish, constrained world. Think of it like this, say I told you the evolution of monogamy was “no laughing”. If you do that ever again to anyone else but 1 of 7+ billion neurons you are not upholding your role and obligation. Sounds ridiculous, yet many women in monogamy in modern society aren’t even allowed to interact with the opposite sex in a positive manner. We’re not even talking about the religious dogma but a consciousness personal dogma.

Which shows, how much creed revolves around sex…

Earth is a toddler based reality for a collective low consciousness ecosystem, full of fear & ego. Society has attempted to control “sex” for ages yet they fail to realize the neurological processes can’t be stopped.

I’m convinced some tribal lame asses overthrew the dominant men to enforce monogamy so everyone would have some potential to experience sex. (You see what I mean in “The Shocking Truth About Monogamy”)

I’ll just hold off (all for another article)

We Are All One

Again, I’m not some conspiracy theorist sharing creed, I’m merely pointing out the elusive obvious…

Were “bottom-top” animals who eat, sleep, shit just like the rest without revolting. As a consciousness we are “top-down” executives of our personal avatar. (self-aware consciousness) As an animal (bottom-top) we’re an estimated 15 to 70 trillion cells living and dying. As a unit they are “one” collective source that makes you.

If you look at ourselves as 1 neuron capable of connecting with & sending data to another neuron/human.

Then the sum of every consciousness entity is “one” collective source that makes up a system beyond our ability to fathom.

All we know is evolving is our only true purpose and I don’t just mean as a “bottom-top” animal. I mean we as “top-down” self-aware, self-modifying, self-changing consciousness.

Think of it like riding a horse, the horse is the vehicle BUT the consciousness rider is the director.

This is fully understood when the avatar/animal/horse you currently are attached to goes into other reality frames via OBEs, lucid dreams, akashic records, etc. The horse is gone, it’s you the consciousness. Whether were all aware or not we all do this as were all the samething.

Now scale things back down to earth, back to your horse/avatar, back to it’s neural network…

Your neurons communicate & signals unbias to your orders. Any sort of fear or ego would create disorder deeming that neuron dysfunctional and unprofitable. (Look up diseases & disorders in terms of neurotransmitters & imbalance)

Now think of our consciousness as 1 neuron, all our fears & ego that limits, squanders and suppresses our potential growth as a single neuron part of the whole.

Now throw 7+ billion of them all filled with high levels of ego & fear…Instead of love & fearlessness.

From that perspective it’s a sick, dysfunctional and disease ridden world. How could you be “one” when all 7+ billion are drowning in fear/ego.

How could your horse optimally evolve if at every moment fear/ego makes the 100 billion neurons dysfunctional, ineffective, imbalanced & chaotic?

How could the “source” beyond your conscious awareness optimally evolve/expand/grow if your fears/ego is causing dysfunction, ineffectiveness, imbalance and chaos in controlling the horse/human/avatar you read?

And yet, this is a concept that doesn’t exist as we on a global scale just aren’t read to look at the big picture.

They say depression is an “isolating” state. Yet love is a connected state. If you look at monogamy “bubble of 2” you’ll start to understand why I call it the retardation of humans. Imagine 2 neurons within “your horse” they spread there dogma and now 100 billion neurons become 50 billion couples all with an “us vs them” mentality.

There are rules, roles and obligations with how you connect and send signals to all other 999,999,998 neurons.

All of a sudden your horse isn’t a whole unit anymore. Ego & fear is coming up. Instead of 100 billion self-deluded neurons, it’s 50 billion dual neurons.

Humans do this on both a social & sexual level. However, there are much more fear & ego derived from sex due to the consciousness rider’s interpretation of what it means when 2 neurons/horses connect on that level.

This analogy is the only way I can truly hit home the separation & point out just how socially out of touch we are.

You read this article, you see how neurons activate, increase, self-modify, and optimize as a unit. It is a team effort. So 1 scale up, as a whole unit of a consciousness source…

We too should be activated/open, self-modifying (consciousness growth) and optimizing as a unit (giving, sharing, helping, teaching, producing, etc) that way 1-scale up can also evolve as a whole unit.

However, it’s our fear, ego, & belief-traps that makes it tough as we think of ourselves as separate.

“I am the horse I ride, not the consciousness that controls it.” While at the same time when the “source” of our consciousness nudge you to change and grow up, you try to pile up an ego to run from the fears that were presented in life to help you become aware and overcome them to be that much closer to the “source”.

Still with me? Bet you think I’m crazy…

  • Why does neurons play a major role in socialization?
  • Why are positive feedback loops formed when people work together for a common interest and are grateful for one another’s contribution?
  • Why does sex, orgasm, and the opposite gender be required to spawn new neurons? Why does our horse naturally urge us to have sex?
  • Why is dopamine reward based & pleasure based?
  • Why is stress dysfunctional? Doesn’t fear induce stress/anxiety? Why is someone so attached to their ego to the point that they rather be ignorant to their fears rather than let go of the ego?

I’ll have to save ego for another article but the point I’m trying to make is that…

We as a consciousness are of the same source. If you drop all fears, ego, cultural dogma & creed you are left with an unbounded loving entity who can fearlessly experience, learn and grow.

You evolving as a consciousness in itself helps the “source” (whole) which is everyone…

Have I gone crazy? Open your eyes, you are reading this article, many have explored 10Lifestyle philosophy personally & like myself, you’ve provided experiences for others both socially and sexually that potentially played a role in them growing up.

I have always mentioned, I haven’t had an issue with another human in ages. I love people, strangers isn’t a concept in my reality. My personal experiences are “proof in the pudding”.

Perfect example, in 2011…

  • Girl I messed with asked to bring a guy along to meet me at the club (Most guys would say no out of fear/ego I said YES)
  • They show up, I have nothing but loving intentions for both (If she had said ” I am going home with this guy, I would have said cool”)
  • Were having fun (Him and I have a blast, end up exchanging facebook)
  • Guy GF is showing up soon…She arrives and is yelling at him (This isn’t uncommon in monogamy, I’ve argued with my gf than all other humans COMBINED.)

On that night, the guy & I added each other on facebook…

We’d meet 4-5 months later, I invited some girls and came went to a house party to pregame for his birthday.

He was shocked to see me…Do you know the 1st thing he said?

I broke up with my girlfriend…

Um OK?

He then continues to say, he had so much fun hanging out with me that when she showed up yelling he realized just how horrible she was for him as he thought “Why am I dealing with this? I was having fun prior”

So he broke up, this is him 6 years later…

He travelled abit, finished his residential as a doctor, went to the Maldives with a new woman and been enjoying life ever sense.


What if I had fear & ego about a girl I mess with bringing along a guy she liked? Heck what if I followed the PUA dogma of amogging guys and just said “fuck no”?

That potential moment of meeting a loving random dude in comparison to his nagging gf was the moment he became aware to self-modifying…

That potential moment would’ve been squandered had I not been open & unbounded. Instead there was no ego no fear that woman was FREE to mess with the dude, she wasn’t constrained by an expectation or role nor obligation.

This is one of many moments of self-modification, it goes both ways. How else would I had known 10Lifestyle is a consciousness shift that all could benefit from if not for all the feedback of other people/consciousness stating how awesome life has become?

Like all growth, it all happens on the edge…

While the majority remain in their falsely secure & comfortable bubble derived of fears/ego. There is nothing to fear when you are fearlessly open and providing opportunities from a good intended perspective.

Yet others in the middle who lack awareness try to force their own fears/ego onto others.

Blockout the noise and experience for yourself. My mission isn’t to persuade, that’s not my job. I provide data to ponder new perspectives and personally explore to draw your conclusions as to whether or not this is a better way of living or not.

Until next time…

P.S…Don’t forget to shoot any comments you have within the public forum as there is a thread for this blog here.