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Unhappy With Your Social Fears
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Are you sick of leaving your apartment day & night with "approach anxiety" SEDUCING YOU into making excuses as to when circumstances are "good enough" for you to meet someone new? Imagine, your on the train/tram and you lock eyes with a woman, will you speak?

Or will you let the potential possibility of meeting someone new slip through your life over and over?

When will you take a stand?

It doesn't matter what the specific situation is...

You Are Not Alone. Majority of men suffer from the limitations of "approach anxiety"...

Did You Know...

Most men, in their day to day lives will "cross paths" with a woman who they'd like to meet and SAY NOTHING?

This is why, men TRYING to meet women online is the 2nd most common way people meet.

(#1 most common is through mutual friends according to Huffington)

When communicating online whether it's John Doe "mass messaging" chicks or Celebrity Sports Players "sliding in DMs" there is little to no "approach anxiety" as opposed to when a woman standing right infront of you, looking, hoping, and waiting...

Truth is, "social anxiety" related fears has kept people from efficiently socializing with random strangers in-person. Alternative routes were used by people to AVOID their fears.

Social fears are such an issue that there's a dating app where you must mutually "like" a person in order to chat. The CATCH is that both individuals must cross paths in real life in order for profile's to show up.

So instead of just speaking in-person when "crossing paths" they rather AVOID it hoping they "liked" each other on an online dating app.

Did You Know...

Most men AVOID interacting with "mixed groups" of men & women making them a "slave to their environment"?

Such constraints SHATTERS the potential a man has when intending to build his lifestyle.

If this is YOU too it isn't your fault. Society & "dating experts" have indoctrinated you to "chase/game women". As a result, you view male stranger's within a mixed group as a threat or competition.

Some men, will wave the "social outcast" banner and do it anyway going for the woman they want to meet while ignoring the men. That's a fast-track to becoming a "pest" within the social environment.

Fact is when it comes to mixed groups, most men have "approach anxiety" due to "fear of the unknown" as to the relations of the guy's within the group and their reactions.

What's worst, most men occupied with "picking up women" have issues with interacting with other men due to the obsessive compulsion to spend time "chasing women"

Did You Know...

Most men's "Approach Anxiety" triggers when the social dynamics of a group isn't considered "socially acceptable" and other's can observe him interacting?

This is why most men make excuses AVOIDING INTERACTION when they see someone they want to meet during the daytime...

On the train, waiting in line at the coffee shop, walking by a park bench or at a restaurant. Other people observing him socializing with a stranger generates immense "social anxiety".

As a result, it's common for men to RESTRICT themselves meeting people within bars & nightclubs where it's "socially acceptable".

It's no wonder people complain they LACK TIME to meet new people.

What they really lack is PERSONAL POWER to meet people anywhere at anytime whether it's while dining out, walking to a friends apartment, standing on the subway platform, etc.

So how do you get around these issues?

Is there a "mind-hack" that will eradicate these common issues enabling you limitless potential to build the lifestyle you deserve?

There is, and that's exactly what this page is all about...

The 10Lifestyle "Foundation"
To Jump Start Your Lifestyle

Based on my own personal journey I'd always taken note of the
1 "mindhack" that enabled me to effortlessly investigate every aspect of 10Lifestyle philosophy & processes...

This was the foundation for me...

A shift in perspective that everything else was built upon which made things clear & applicable. The proof was in the pudding as I applied the 10LS Processes and experienced the results of such a shift...

Here's a sampling of what's covered in the 10Lifestyle "foundation"

  • "An In-Depth Look" on this "mind-hack" that will INSTANTLY unlock your personal power
  • "Fundamental Truths About Consciousness" enabling you to IMPLANT any future concepts YOU DESIRE
  • "The Metaphysics Of Socializing" that will SHIFT your social experiences with others FOREVER
  • The "3 Essentials" that will LAUNCH YOU towards accumulating rapid experience
  • 6 Tips To ERADICATE your fears & ego while actively experiencing your new lifestyle
  • "Insights On Social Freedom" as we use additional concepts to help supercharge your new found personal power
  • K.I.S.S "action plan" so YOU can start TAKING-ACTION immediately
  • "How To" guide on "Working The Room" to build a solid foundation utilizing your new mind-hack
  • BONUS: 50 Common Belief Traps a quick-start guide using your NEW mind-hack to ERADICATE the 50 most common social issues

This book spans 100 pages DIVING into the heart of "The Foundation" of your consciousness to uncover and unlock YOUR ABILITY to project a social way of being that's "fascinating" to others.

Personally, I wouldn't attempt to explore "fascinating man" concepts without having 1st learn about "The Foundation" fundamentals. This is especially true if you're DESIRE is to become a fascinating man living his ideal lifestyle.


I mean it...


Don't Explore A Single "Fascinating Man" Concept
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Ever noticed any industry, skill or self-improvement realm things become more optimized & refined AFTER THE PIONEERS who've discovered them?

The same applies here!

I've personally done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn't). And believe me, I wish I had this guide starting out, it would've saved me alot of time along the way...

...and I do this stuff for a living!

I'm a crash dummy "explorer" passionate about finding and sharing anything that will make a man more fascinating and enhance his overall lifestyle.

That's why I invest loads of "exploration time" being OCD-like to document and transform WHAT WORKS into a simple, IN-DEPTH & easy to follow "set of concepts" catering to men from all walks of life who can benefit from the wisdom.

In the past, majority of content were LOCKED in my consciousness or scattered lost within my mind-maps & notes like a "struggling" scientist.

But now, I'm on the path of making a select few content available to the public...

So now you don't have to go at this alone!

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