Finally, freed myself from the “prison of monogamy”…

Unbeknownst to me, almost 3 years in such a prison gave me time to reflect and observe the world. It was saddening no longer playing my part providing others with the potential to expand their awareness and grow up.

I crumbled from “active explorer” perpetually investigating to “bitter spectator” observing society, unable to play my part. For almost 3 years, I gave up my banner of “Truth & Knowledge” seeker in favor of catering to the Modern Creed.

While residing within such ranks of “the herd” I willingly consumed the masses delusion, cracked a civilized smile as if everything is bliss and each night as earth began to fade as I enter “mind awake/body asleep” state…

The “fantasy bubble” bursts, I’m in an interrogation room being bombarded by the “agents of wisdom” within my consciousness forcing me to address these ignorant choices of self-destruction and de-evolution I was making.

You’d think, I’d “wake up” right? Nope, it’s a “masses” delusion, the hangover of guilt & morality would seduce me into thinking “its ok” and my ego rationalization of “I can handle it” lead to me tolerating this “chicken fodder” way of life.

The 20th century ended as the bloodiest and costliest century of human warfare. We had world wars, genocide, and revolutions along with domestic crimes. Despite what modern CULT-ure tries to project through social networking sites and media, we actually live in the safest time ever in human history.

Think about it, whether on your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet you’re reading this article which means you aren’t necessarily homeless struggling for survival. In fact, for decades now “survival” for most isn’t an issue and it’s highly probable were all enjoying the luxurious utilities of electricity, fresh water, heat, high speed internet, indoor plumbing, etc.


Do We Really Live In An Information Age?

All these great technological advancements, one that seems to be underappreciated is the “non-physical” platform or tool we all use called…The Internet

99.9% of my readers have never met me in this so called “physical” world. I’m sharing this wisdom through a non-physical platform that doesn’t require us being face to face which essentially enables information to spread like wild fire across the globe.

The internet as a “platform” is inherently unbiased with data spanning what seems to be a limitless array of realms ranging from illegal substances to scientific journals to crowd-sourcing to fake news to social networking sites to shopping to extreme political views. The internet is like a parallel universe reflecting what we are as consciousness. As time goes on, this platform changes and grows in relation to the collective “quality of consciousness” of humans living on earth.

Now you tell me…

If we live in the so called “Information Age”, where domestic crimes have nosed dived and generations of humans aren’t actively wiping each other out in mass world wars or genocides. Then, how on earth have we as a whole become this PC, anti-social, fearful, self-centered bunch of spectating animals hiding within our designated fantasy bubbles only to venture out on a “non-physical” platform called The Internet?

Hold up…

Did you know we are “fucking animals”? Ever looked up why mice & rats are used in scientific test studies? Many aspects about humans resembles those “fucking animals”…

Now, here’s a trick question, so pay attention…

What’s the greatest force within humans that regardless of environment (Oymyakon, Russia) or circumstances (warzone) will shamelessly exert it’s influence regardless if you’re aware of it or not? Yep, at times I think people forget what we are…

For me, life is a lot like witnessing a prank in real-time that you’re “aware” of and those being pranked are oblivious. Such a viewpoint at times can make me seem insensitive or lacking empathy, despite having ZERO bad intentions.

In the book, “My Big Toe” by Thomas Campbell he states…

1 – “The greatest challenge to our species today is to survive the self-destructiveness of our own low quality of consciousness”


2 – “What drives us to be the Top Monkey will also inevitably drive us toward self-destruction if we do not simultaneously evolve sufficient consciousness quality. What drives us to the higher quality of a reduced entropy consciousness can only find sufficient traction to move us toward greater wisdom if we grow up enough to sincerely care about personally discovering big truth.”


3 – “A fatal cancer, without meaning to, always ends up killing itself as it kills its host. The cancer is not aware its activity is self-destructive because it is trapped in a little picture with no vision into the larger system”

4 – “If the cancer, the parasites, or the people understood the relationship that they have with the whole, possessed a free will and were intelligent enough to do something about it, they would first control, and then reverse their self-destructive behavior. They would work to change the long term lose-lose situation they are generating because of their lack of awareness and would develop a symbiotic win-win relationship with the larger system that sustains them.”

5 – “Self-Improvement has become humanity’s primary evolutionary motivator”

Now from an objective perspective think about yourself, those around you, friends, family, modern cultures, sub-cultures and humanity as one vast ecosystem. What do you see?

Do you see perpetual self-discovering, self-modifying and self-improving conscious humans? Or mindless, fearful, egoistic humans addicted to gossip, news and all forms of chicken fodder?

To paint picture, summer 2011 to ending/fall 2013 it’s as if I’d experienced the “life/death” cycle every 3-4 months. I was experiencing unprecedented rates of growth. What’s ironic about such a statement is that I’m not even including the social nor sexual aspects. In 2012, I had 3 “not so good” days out of 365 days. (Less than 1%) I was in such a blissful state of happiness 24/7 that I thought I’d live the rest of my life in such bliss. My naive self would boldly state

“I’m so happy with who I’ve grown into…I have no social nor sexual issues…I cheated at the game of life. I could die right now (2012) and give myself a standing ovation for such an epic lifetime run because anything after this year is just a bonus round of perpetual happiness and growth.”


I’m cracking up writing this as I know exactly where I was when I 1st had that thought.

2014, the process slows down to about a 6-month rate of growth due to alcohol abuse (while partying) leading to me losing ID, phone and mistakenly getting my bank account frozen. Poor choices while drunk royally screwed up 2014 which affected this site. (I could write a short memoir about the bureaucratic BS I had to deal with like my mother vouching that I exist and bank having to physically search their archives)

At the tail end of 2014, I passed time indulging in social & sexual experiences as that’s something that could never be taken away from me. (or so I thought) This wasn’t a time period of immense growth more so an escape as I had no phone, no ID, no bank account. The joke amongst my crew was that they’d find me dead in a ditch.

Although I have a separate article brewing about this… (The Shocking Truth About Monogamy)

Early 2015 I met my girlfriend and endured almost 3 years of MINDLESS “dicking around” in a flawed dynamic, role and obligation called monogamy. For now, all I’ll say for contrasting purposes…

A.  On a consciousness level, I regressed in many ways (I did grow in certain aspects, most that weren’t relevant or profitable to who I am nor how I view reality)

B.  I had no form of a lifestyle nor was I physically living (social/sex life directed towards one specific person so “passing time” or indulging was also void)

C.  I stopped archiving my life (something I intended to do until death) then I stopped going to high end venues, then I stopped going to music events…I started partying alone infront of my apartment listening to music on my phone.


Now, hold the brakes…

May 2016, I’d gone to Prague which showed that the fun loving high quality consciousness within wasn’t gone just stagnated and oppressed within a prison of role & obligation. It gave me hope because in monogamy I became a self-destructive high entropy consciousness.

Not only, had I become a mindless consciousness, 3x I’d gone back to my girlfriend apartment blackedout drunk after having broken up in a harsh manner. Logically, we should’ve ended back in fall 2015… (I’d promised ages ago I’d never go into details about specifics only objective speak)

I knew on a consciousness level, I’d fallen into a pit of degeneracy, when I started hoping (and visualizing) that my girlfriend would stumbleupon a man that would compel her to cheat on me only hear her lash out saying “Fuck You, I found a real man” and then a monologue of all my flaws. That whole scenario is like witnessing the drums of liberation beating it’s anthem symbolizing the new saga of exponential growth

I’m not proud, merely objective contrast as to who I became in those 3 years. It requires its own article for the sake of saving others from the flawed dynamic of monogamy. I’m not angry nor bitter about those 3 years because…

Ultimately, it’s fueled me to get back on the path of exploring consciousness and life while ruthlessly blocking out the noise as truth can withstand rigorous testing and…

Proof Is In The Pudding

Before I begin this monologue, take a look at a few more quotes from “My Big Toe” by Thomas Campbell…

1 –  “The proof of correctness of any piece of knowledge lies only in the results its application produces.”

2 – “Before drawing your sword of truth and hacking away at pseudo-knowledge, let me remind you of something. If you cannot productively apply a particular piece of knowledge or a new concept, then that knowledge or concept may be pseudo-knowledge or you may be ignorant and basing your evaluation of that knowledge or concept upon belief or pseudo-knowledge.”

3 – “The knowledge gained through personal science continually and dramatically modifies itself as it grows and changes. On the other hand, cultural, personal, religious or scientific belief systems require only a sincere belief in the assumed truth o their associated dogma, doctrine and creed.”

4 – “Proving a hypothesis wrong also produces useful information”

5 – “Results, results, results, results. Actual, clear, un-subtle, measurable results – that is how you must evaluate the efficacy of your process. Intellectual knowledge and intellectual results are not the results I am referring to. There are no substitute for the real results of a growing changing being. Knowing about it can be interesting and helpful, but it should never be confused with being it.”

Reason I bring up those quotes is because time and time again life has taught me to “remain quiet”… (I’ll create an about page as time goes on)

Outside of family, ex-girlfriend, countless people on the internet and select few I’ve vaguely made statements too. No one in my actual life has a clue that I’ve been exploring consciousness since age 14. That’s HALF OF MY LIFE!!! It resides deep within me and it’s the only reason why I live. To everyone outside of myself, my growth seems rather mythical and spontaneous.

Prior to exponential growth I’d have to “ignore” those who tried dissuading me from my path of exploring…

  1.  1.  Age 14, it began with exploring consciousness within. I was so socially unaware that telling your parents you had your 1st OBE and seen yourself, is a fast track to any normal parent amongst the masses to think you’ve gone crazy. I’ve had ridiculous debates until one day I learnt to stay quiet. By time I reached 19 and beyond it’s as i my parents forgot those time periods because all they see and benefit from is the growth facilitated through the exact things they didn’t want me exploring.
  2. 2.  2011, while exploring 10Lifestyle philosophy, majority of the dating community sub-culture all of a sudden became perpetual skeptics, in ways that you’d think they’d be similar towards their favorite guru who they suck the dogmatic “well of false wisdom” dry, no questions asked. To be fair, for most guys, even normal non-community guys who were getting laid. To all what I was describing sounded mythical. Few things I know 1001% certainty due to accumulated personal experiences…

A.  Going on dates, texting or calling was a waste of time and actually killing potential for an amazing interaction

B.  Sex occurs on average within 5-15mins,this made concepts like 7-hour rule and time/comfort deemed as self-limiting dogma

C.  Your consciousness is what attracts women in general which is what makes everything external and cool a byproduct or side-effect

D.  Sex is elusive to majority of men even those who get laid a lot as most men get laid due to putting in time “to get laid” whereas I just lived and had sex

E.  Your whole perspective of life changes when sex is as easy as turning on a faucet for water because you start looking at life from a larger perspective (Especially social and sexual realms)

F.   The level of growth you can potentially gain within social/sexual realms is unparalleled to any other realm on “earth”. (This is because 99.9% of the 7+ billion humans all must deal with that realm to the best of their consciousness ability. This is how a person could also have 100s of hookups yet blind of all the lessons due to his skewed perspective and overall intentions

G.  10Lifestyle Philosophy (didn’t call it that back then) is as profound and shocking to experience as having an OBE or WILD for the 1st time. The difference in consistency and range of experiences is as obvious as walking naked in the north pole


I created “Lifestyle Over Pickup” webinar so I could stop repeating myself to skeptics while also accurately pointing out 6 red flags that EVERY SINGLE GUY raises atleast one red flag prior to becoming aware. (Both community & non-community dudes) 6 “low awareness” side effects within consciousness due to societal & cultural dogma as those 6 red flags are universally accepted as normal when it’s sub-optimal.

Nonetheless, exploring 10Lifestyle facilitated getting laid with little to no proactive effort because the process of “living life” perpetually lead to an over-abundance of women wanting to hookup. All I had to do was “select”. This enabled me to explore life from a larger perspective as there was 0 drama in my social/sex life or overall lifestyle.

3.  The 3rd saga requires an article for itself which I’m writing. However, it deals with how my personal experience within monogamy proved me right. Yet, there were so many clear signs that I legitimately should’ve never even explored such a realm given my affinity. I’d mentioned this isn’t for me to my girlfriend yet tried to change. However, without dipping into the separate article themes. 3 basic red flags clearly showed it wasn’t for me…

A.  I’m a relentless truth seeker and explorer, majority of my time is spent researching, exploring, testing and challenging…EVERYDAY (When I say this has been the #1 aspect in my life, since age 3-4 I’ve been asking questions) it’s done in solitude whether it entails interaction with other

B.  I didn’t go on dates. When I had fuckbuddies, I’d see them 1x every 2 weeks to 3-6 months. Say they came out to party with me 10pm dinner with friends, party until around 230-330am, hookup all night w/pillow/fun talk…They’d leave to go work or we’d eat or hookup again before I finally leave. That’s about 12hrs tops. Also due to logistics of living with parents if I wasn’t intending on going out BUT chicks wanted to meet/hookup, I’d pass. So what’s the issue? I learnt very fast I could never live with my girlfriend or any woman for that matter. We once spent 4 days together and despite the epic times all I could think about is “4 days of exploring nothing”. It’s a struggle being consistent for 1-2x a week. (Feeling monogamous emotions is absolutely irrelevant to me in the grand scheme of life)

C.  Uncertainty Obsession…I’m pretty sure this stems from exploring consciousness so much. There are so many processes within my life to always cater towards fulfilling novel, new and strange experiences. If you look at the core platforms in my life, consciousness, social life, sex life, this site, my outlook on “strangers”, travel and implusivity. If you knew me prior to monogamy when I’d mention random experiences, so much would happen in a day yet it was as if I’d be teleporting. I’d have to be physically indoors to declare “the end” as I remember in 2014 being in a forest-like area with about 3 girls and another dude. I don’t drive, I don’t know/recall any of the people, I don’t even know where or how I got home. Ultimately the predictability of my social & sex life killed my drive both which were essentially lost in favor of safe, secure, predictable self-limiting box of “1 other” delusions.

To gloss over this realm for now (until I share “The Shocking Truth About Monogamy”) I will say…

My ex-GF unaware of what exploring consciousness is or how I grew into the person she loved wasn’t being comprehended, my inner workings was unrelatable and yet I spent 2 of almost 3 years attempting to change. However, like my parents and the dating community, it would mean for me to delusionally deny the truths I’ve discovered.

For me life is all about growth, growth, growth and exploration. If it’s not the case that I’m growing rapidly then I might as well not be alive. And “holy shit” was I nose diving in a race towards the bottom regressing back to a low quality of consciousness. If I could’ve physically jump out my body and kick my own ass I would’ve. This whole experience has made me ruthless towards anyone and anything that cuts into all potential pathways to grow.

I no longer speak to my ex-girlfriend, have live stress-free despite internal pressures, working on site 10+ hours a day to start providing potential value to others, working out again, exploring consciousness through altered states, (right now binaural beats) actively exploring brain games to wake my mind up and looking into all the “fringe” based scientific realms such as quantum mechanics, quantum biology, neuroscience, etc.It’s been a consistent reminder for me…

You Want To Change The World? Go Change Yourself!!

Another aspect, I’ll have to write on in the future is the humbling experience I had in terms of my social life within my neighborhood. The area I reside in is almost like living in a coal miner town where life for most is rather simple while predictably “dull”. The experience I had was sobering and hope to touch on in a separate article…

The picture above, occurred Sunday when a neighbor with his wife/gf (who I’ve never interacted with nor recall ever meeting) were waiting for the elevator. The guy is  joking about finally getting to interact with me because I’d pulled out my headphones intending head back inside. Instead, it was several moments of laughter as we recount moments where he greets me but I’m so immersed into the music I’m listening too, that sometimes I’m not even aware. (He also made jokes about feeling bad for the concrete due to how intense those “dance sessions” can get.)

Imagine, you’re about to enter the place you reside and out front is 1 individual acting as if he’s in the middle of a full blown festival spreading awesome vibes from within. That’s me! It’s how I coped with the collapse of my lifestyle. I’d end up having “dance sessions” everyday for almost 2 years straight, 10mins to 1-hour each day. (Any more an I’d opt to dance/walking)

I bring this all up because, the neighbors’s wife/gf sees the genuine interaction while holding these 3 gifts that ultimately would go to waste given her family tree. Mid-laughter, to both my neighbor and I surprise, she gives me the 3 toys to give to little kids I know. One minute I’m cracking up, next minute I’m holding 3 toys and all I was doing was waiting on the elevator. (Remember I stated my obsession of uncertainty)

For almost 2 years I’ve come to know many people within my surrounding area, it was an unconscious adaption to a collapsed lifestyle and a consciousness still driven and fighting to live in a manner solely focused on growth. In time, I’ll share this Lily-hammer-like experience I’d adapted into due to the collapse of my actual lifestyle.

However, it made me realize all the potential impact I was squandering which most will never relate to as most humans don’t want to change the world. In a shallow sense they assume such things are accomplished through upstanding career, throwing money at an issue, or looking good “working it” at the local soup kitchen.


Most wanna “dick around” on mindless social media, get validation, make money to buy shit they don’t need, get off, live in a big house they don’t use, show off materials, consume shit food, escape via stimulants, substances, tv, video games, fake news, viral “chicken fodder”, hide from fears, prop-up their egos and find a “significant other” to join in on the mindless indulgence for the rest of their slow growth churning personal reality…

Ask anyone what they’d do if they had millions of dollars and free time. The answer is almost always some self-centered, ego-centric BS. You ever watch mtv cribs from back in the day when they show a big ass dining table that has never been used? You ever look on social networking sites how every week is a new “global” sensational topic to judge and make opinions? How a random chick who has a nice ass can have 100k followers, yet a person who wields wisdom to help humans evolve barely scratches 10k?

Earlier, I glossed over 3 major sagas in my life, all consisting of core people within those stages of my life, all essentially trying to keep me within the box of cultural norm and dogma. To be like everyone else to “dick around” and accept “the way things are”. The past 2 of almost 3 years, I got to observe just how much people are “asleep at the wheel” and it’s to the point where many times the mere processing and interpretation of the world that other’s somehow form, just blows my mind.

Awhile back someone online referred to me as an “idealist”…

Although what’s ideal from my perspective isn’t impractical nor is it absolute as it’s always subjective to change. Every potential possibility, truth and knowledge is propped up upon first hand personally accumulated experiences. If anything I’m not an idealist, I’m a pragmatic visionary. I run “what ifs” scenarios based on current knowledge and potential possibilities, it’s what helps me navigate in terms of what to explore in life.

Guilt & Morality used to cloud my judgment making me think I was some insane douchebag who’s dysfunctional. Nonetheless, everything in life has proven to me that I should focus exclusively on my myself and whoever benefits from me growing as a consciousness, benefits. My lifestyle brought about it an amazing platform for growth within social & sexual realms, it’s how the modern humans should be living.

Why on earth should I ever stop?

To make 1 of 7+ billion people feel loved? That’s where the real dysfunction resides as both parties fall into a pseudo-loving state that has lead to more domestic violence and issues than anything else. This is when I learnt where all my personal issues derive at, all the delusion, stress, dogma and dysfunctionality.

This is the core reason why I’ll release a case study on how flawed the dynamic of monogamy is…

I probably wouldn’t have had so much distaste for my ex-girlfriend had we NOT been monogamous. To be frank, after the 100s upon 100s upon 100s of women I’ve fooled around with on some sexual level (atleast madeout) the 1 woman who in terms of a label was “closest” to me is the only person I’ve ever been sexual with who I’d be happy to never have in my presence again.

When I stated earlier my social & sex life was 100% a “non-issue” when exploring 10Lifestyle, I meant it…

I never argued or had petty dealings with girls I was having sex with, not even once. If you objectively look at the experiences, I was closer towards unconditional loving intentions as a single person than within monogamy. How so? You’re NOT obligated and in a role…

It’s within the contract that “you don’t cheat” or “you spend time”. When single unbounded by labels, roles, obligations which made every intention pure and real as things organically came and went…

Dynamic A – Your girlfriend never cheats because she’s “your girlfriend” and she expects the samething from you. The intention of “fuck you, go kick rocks” doesn’t translate too well in monogamy as your “stuck” dealing with that person. There is no break, you’re obligated to “spend time”

Dynamic B – You and a woman are seeing each other, despite the fact that it’s 100% ok if you see other people and vice versa. When you look at the timeline you notice despite all the other people met and fooled around with from both parties. You both just happen to “comeback” together to continue to build upon this unbounded friendship.

There was a woman in 2011 who I was seeing, she had a boyfriend, it was unbounded. That played no role or affect in our times together. I became friends with her best friend and roommate. In fact, early on my friend ended up hooking up with her (woman I was seeing) best friend.

There’s a hilarious moment where I’m in bed (other side of wall) coughing uncontrollable I can hear my friend and her best friend having sex, which she’d later tell me she was worried wondering if I’m ok hahahaha.

When the girl I was “hooking up with” moved out of NY, I was still hanging with her best friend and old roommate. When this woman came to NY for her b-day, who do you think was hanging out with all of them? While this was the last time I’d ever see her (not her old roomie and BFF) it led to a glorious memorable shared experience between us all.

These are the moments I genuinely live for. I wasn’t obligated to celebrate her b-day nor see her again because of an obligation.


You Can’t Help Those Unwilling To Grow Up

The world is big enough…

Everyone is on their own path…

You chose to be here, to read this article and potentially explore 10Lifestyle Philosophy.

That is your free-will, just like everyone else in all the choices they too make as individuals.

Most humans rather remain dimly aware of the big picture and ignorant to just how much they don’t know. They favor relying on faith, believing and disbelieving in religion, culture and sub-cultural dogma.

One of the biggest issues is TIME?

The average human is an expert at jumping to conclusions, that’s why we have the world we currently live in, its rare people take TIME to explore anything and the logical consequence is that most grow at an astonishing slow rate. (along with believing in fake news) They must await a drastic external or near-death-like experience to potentially “wake em up”.

In general, if you genuinely look at humans, most are animals waiting to die filling their time with mindless distractions to soothe their fears and keep their egos alive. This is where all their time has been drained. Add on top, people’s identity attached to their job/career as a “title” as if that’s who they are as a consciousness. Imagine, going through life instead of mentioning you’re a vegan you start boasting that you’re a dumpling eater or man with the nuts.

Seriously, go ask the everyday person “what are they currently working on exploring?”

At best you’ll get a WTF or some work related thing as for many people work is there only realm to feel a sense of purpose or higher calling, consuming a bunch of meaningless “chicken fodder” for a sense of shallow achievement. For most, a job is a means to an end, money for the sake of more consumption.

It sounds harsh, but look at the most popular sites and overall content on the internet. Porn, Social Media & Entertainment News or Viral Videos. So life is about sexual pleasure and consumption of mindless entertainment? When you get some cash consume, consume and consume some more. Get famous for nothing, get validation from other like-minded sheep and play within a fantasy of perpetual delusion.

It’s insane not only do majority of humans fear death, it’s when it draws near and they think of all the regrets they have. To think ego, fears, beliefs, assumptions, expectations, and all sorts of dogma squandered all the potential opportunities to grow that dangle infront of them every single day. It begs the honest question, “are humans even conscious?”

To sheep, growth isn’t “cool” though. What’s cool to sheep is making $$$ to eat, sleep, and shit in an expensive house. To be liked/famous amongst all the other mindless sheep. Keep in mind, it isn’t the stage/props that’s an issue, it’s the general intentions behind it and the quality of being.

I don’t want to drag this on forever so I’ll gloss over 2 aspects that you can look at yourself…

1.  Behold A Frail “Politically Correct” Society

This “non-physical” platform called The Internet has spawned a weird culture of sheep, “if you don’t agree with my dogma then you have no platform to speak.” You got mixture of ego, fears, beliefs, assumptions, expectations just being thrown around left and right.

Human consciousness as a whole, so soft they can’t even deal with the fact that “some people are on different paths and have their own lessons.” There is a lack of human respect with humans “forcing” attempting to force other human’s free-will to align with their views, culture, way of life and doctrine.

Instead all parties look like a band of circuses with their opposing antics causing more problems and issues, had they not try to force feed their own creed.

Bottomline, you can’t force people to change, only you can change yourself and let those who come into your presence see opportunities to grow. I’ve never forced anyone to explore 10Lifestyle philosophy or look into all the “fringe” based topics related to consciousness and reality.

It’s not my job to force anyone to do anything, if you’re not ready maybe it’s just not your path. It’s similar to all these people wanting to “get rich” so they can show off to others within the same “fantasy bubble” the materials they’ve acquired thanks to money. The information is out there.

How old is cryptocurrency again? 2007? Was it 2013 bitcoin was $30…

Now everybody and their mother is a crypto investor or saying buy/sell, speculation. All of a sudden everyone is an expert because they read an ebook.

Anything I’ve ever talked about I’ve looked into extensively, if not I just STFU and listen to see what potential opportunities to grow and if I have interest/time to actually explore the realm.

When you look at people on a consciousness level, you can see the veneer of humanity.

I’ll just leave this video right here, I will note, in my actual life this melodramatic BS isn’t as apparent because I interact with everyone with love and care getting into 0 situations with anyone. Live & Let Live as were all doing the best we can on their own personal journey. Forever evolving, self-modifying, and changing whether towards positive or negative states. Yet, it seems as if “acceptance” of different lifestyles, choices, perspectives and personal journey’s is non-existent and deemed intolerable.


2.  Fear Induced “Anti-Social” Modern Culture & Social Boxes

Modern Society lives on the “Non-Physical” realm called The Internet…

There are so many mediums to “escape” that goes beyond substances & stimulants.

Have you ever heard the game EVE Online? Pop Culture Gossip? (Literally other humans spectating a “popular” network of social circles) Mobile Games that purposely have you STOP PLAYING to wait hours/days for your civilization to build/create? Tv shows of endless sagas? MMORPGS? Sex Robots? Porn? Sex Toys?

You can literally stay in your house, have all essentials delivered to you and never step outside your home for years.

Ask an individual, how many new people they’ve added into their lives? (I’ll explain later)

How many new people have you yourself added to your life?

Heck, when’s the last time you’ve consciously interacted with a complete stranger?

It’s no need to dwell…

Outside of work/school the answer for majority will possibly be 0. It’s even worse for women as the line of “whether he’s trying to fuck me or not” is so strong because most guys just want to “take take take” creating this weird society where women are subconsciously “on-guard”.

Thank the universe for schools and jobs or 99.9% of people would be fucked both socially & sexually!! This explains why many people are so 1-dimensional they’re exposed to others within sub-related “fantasy bubbles”. Such, platforms is like rolling the “dice of luck” in terms of how your social & sexual life pans out.

Which is why 99% of people socially or sexually don’t really make me think “wow”. It might be interesting the perspective or life they lead BUT what’s obvious to me is blind to them. The engineer on an oil rig will have a drastically different social/sex life from a photographer famous on IG. The photographer just happen to do something putting him a favorable trajectory to have a better social/sex life.

That holds no bearing on his quality of consciousness. Both may have golden nuggets to share but more times than not they both aren’t that self-aware just mindlessly living life. At the sametime, not everyone is within proximity of more socially oriented industries or school CULT-ures. It’s nothing to dwell or lose hope on as such basic logistical issues are fixable.

What you 1st need to understand are

“Social Boxes”

While you lack control of your avatar, where you were born or the environments you were raised/grown up in. For the average human being his outlook, perspective, social and sexual experiences resides within 2 platforms which set in motion the stage and props that majority of their melodramatic life will reside and unfold from.

Those core platforms, are an individual’s school and job/career…


Modern society ends up looking like a bag of humans within an assortment of related social boxes. This is why you could be at the same event, amongst other’s presence yet all fearfully within their respective “social box”. It’s like being at high school prom and everyone just staring at each other waiting for a meteor to smack the roof of the building because the flies circling the shitty appetizers are more fascinating in that moment.

This issue is as obvious as aliens flying down to earth in hordes, running into homes swat-style kidnapping humans. The level of fear, ego and dogma is so high on a social level that even a person who was gifted to becoming social within their school or job/career.

They’ve put themselves in a box, slaves to their constrained reality of fear, ego and dogma.

This is why people don’t grow much or at best in a 1-dimensional manner…

Think about it, if you’re some cool, intelligent broski, who ran his frat in college that was SLAYING in terms of chicks. Got into the promoter life, realized he was fit & good-looking so he started also modeling. Promoting and modeling went hand in hand so he started going to the top clubs in his metropolitan area. Full blown indulgence of sex, drugs and “living it up”. His IG is him with a bunch of celebrities, wealthy men, and the women that come along with those circles.

Awesome isn’t it?

Now take a step back looking in terms of life experience, potential opportunities and personal power…

What seems amazing to outsiders looking in, is actually a social being imprisoned within a “social box” that unless he has a connect to show him another realm, he runs into a wall he’s unable to venture out of due to of fear and ego. What appears to be an awesome guy is actually a person stuck in a pop culture “social box” of prison.

Do you think he could give it all up and relocate to a whole new environment starting from scratch within a new assortment of social boxes?

The sad truth is most will live and die in their respective social box…

Humans buy into PR & Marketing campaigns while spectating popular “social boxes” consuming materials to find a way “in” to acceptance of a sub-culture. Brands, companies, social circles, social and sexual movements are all standalone “boxes” that most people become attached too and take seriously. This is why most have no TIME to proactively grow up and explore.

The “fantasy bubble” (ego) is what most care about. In my mastermind calls I use the analogy of a fish in an aquarium vs one who gives up aquarium life to explore “The Ocean”…

No matter how large the aquarium that fish resides in, he is still limited to the size of the tank, he may never be aware he’s in a tank due to his small reality. Flipside, a fish in the ocean requires proactive awareness to navigate the depths of the unknown. He’s given up the illusion of security for intense, honest and unbiased “boot strapping” because he no longer resides in the resort-like aquarium where everyone is caught up with the melodrama within the tank.

The fish in the ocean realizes he’s unbounded by false “box” called fish tanks giving him the vast potential possibilities to dip in and out of fish tanks accumulating an array of experiences and growing in a manner that a fish in a 1-dimensional tank can’t even process.

For the longest time due to exploring consciousness in other reality frames along with the social and sexual realms, it’s as if I’m a fish in the ocean and for 3 years I was trapped in a “fish tank” forced to conform. It’s hard for me to relate to alot of things as a result as I see a larger perspective, it’s merely a byproduct of me growing up.

On the most basic level, I grew up in the hood up until age 17 I’d primarily been around black and spanish people. Outside of Prague, as an adult I never traveled anywhere outside of the US. An yet, due to the location of being unbounded in NY I’ve fooled around with women from every european country, I get to see what aspects of women and the types of looks that truly inspires me on a being level.

Want to know 5 “missed encounters” that instantly springs to mind about “what if”?

  •  –  An Israeli woman I met at forever 21 who I never connected with due to retarded “wingman” rules DOGMA. I hadn’t start the conversation, a friend did. This girl and I hit it off immensely and I was attracted to her. When my boy later said “Yo, you 2 really liked each other why didn’t you just exchange info?” I then became crushed when I learnt he didn’t care about such dogmatic BS such as “wingman rules”. That memory stuck with me for months until…
  • –  Macedonian woman I met, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and/or fooled around with . This interaction was a pillar reference for 10Lifestyle philosophy. Unlike the Israeli woman, I’m glad we only fooled around and had our “loving” 30mins before I’d have to let them go. (as my dumbass didn’t want to let the group know I was underage.) because that would’ve been it. Existence of 10Lifestyle evaporated, discovering MBT gone, building a lifestyle within the high end scene non-existent. It’s almost been 10 years and I still vividly remember this moment. I know the exact chain of events that lead to us all over each other and when her friend eventually seen we were so into each other, she had to physically pry us apart. Which Macedonian woman jumped right back on me….Now, the thought of an incredible experience in favor of losing all the growth I’d go on to gain is scary…I’m glad her and I didn’t hookup.
  • –  When I was underage, I met this russian model on the street and almost looking like “shimmers” of 10Lifestyle philosophy this chick liked me to the point where she was willing to ditch the promoter she was meeting up with to go to a random lounge with underage me. This had hints of Macedonian woman (although I hadn’t met her yet) I liked this woman. For whatever reason I told her go meet her promoter friend and didn’t bother to exchange info. She was disappointed about this moment as was I. I can’t recall why I did it. I know 100% she ticked the lust factor as I remember mentioning that she looked so bitchy and it how much I liked it as it intimidates men.
  • –  Quite possibly, same night I met the russian model I ran into a short haired african model…What blew me away was the similar ultra feminine energy similar to EE girls. This woman had her arms around me playing around that she was a nubian queen. She was different from black women I was used too growing up in the hood, the vibe and interaction was foreign to me.
  • –  There was a tall slim latina who I couldn’t tell where she was from but I loved how we flirted together. First time we met, intense flirting in this older “been there done that” sort of vibe. It was obvious she’d been with masculine type dudes all her life, body was ridiculous. Nothing ever came of it BUT we did run into each other at a timethat I ran into another girl I’d liked. In 10Lifestyle days I had zero tolerance for any form of “mating dance” if we were to hookup we’d hookup in the moment or the window of opportunity would close. While we did flirt again like the 1st time, she’d already prolonged the inevitable on day 1. To my shock though, 2nd time meeting her she’d called me over asking “why I wasn’t flirting with her this time around”. At the time no one had asked me such a thing so I told her the truth that I was just bouncing around having fun, I still liked her but I’m not into the whole “prolonging” sex as if it’s this big deal. (Didn’t use those words, implied) I hadn’t seen her for a year and when I did she still looked great. Met her then boyfriend and from that day forward we’ve always been cool. What was interesting though is she had a subdued character, unlike what I’d seen when she interacted with me, of course it didn’t last too long.

These 5 situations would’ve never occurred had I not explored these realms. I’d possibly been a blue collared guy with some dark skin black chick in th hood, bored out of my mind who was unaware of consciousness growth.I’d consciously changed my trajectory in life and grew beyond my wildest dreams.

10LS Exploration, More Impactful Than I Ever Imagined

“Cold Approach” is such an impressive TOOL, you become unbounded by any social box. Being anti-social becomes impossible and your lifestyle is a reflection of your consciousness NOT outside influence by people who are just mindlessly live within their own fantasy bubble of fear and ego. A major side effect is your encouragement for those who come in contact to, wake up and grow up…

You literally could get a random country generator…

Pick a country…

Select a city…

Chose a neighborhood…

Get the keys to your Airbnb…

…Spin for 30secs stopping in whatever direction and just go


100% guaranteed, less than a week it will be as if you’ve lived in that city all your life yet unbounded by any social boxes that the masses there are unaware of that they themselves are in.

People talk about fear, loneliness, boredom, etc. With that level of personal power you have the wheel to generate your lifestyle. Such BS dissolves becoming non-existent when you are social free from the dogma of modern society.

Which is what I had seemed to have forgotten for 3 years “dicking around” in monogamy when I should’ve been proactively exploring and growing within this playground called “earth”.

P.S…My sheer passion to get back on the horse exploring this reality is so high, that I had to crack out this article. I’ll be blogging every single day for the time being as I have a lot of time on my hands to rebuild this site (working upwards to 10+ hours a day, eventually working on and exploring the multitude of projects in my head that needs to be produced. I care about nothing traditional. As of right now given how much my life has collapsed it’s all about getting this site on par with my vision while exploring consciousness and studying related scientific fields when I can. For the longest I had to sit in a spectators post watching clients grow and change their lives as I my own slowly eroded to the state it’s in now.


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