The Neuroscience Of Socialization

So after almost 2 years, I’m back to prep for 2018 revival… (Already missed 2 days but at 12k words, i think you guys will understand) I’m no longer tolerating the “prison” of monogamy that almost caused me to self-destruct… You can almost say I’ve fully given up on societal “mindless” realms & drama for…

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You’d Never Guess The State Of Human Development

Finally, freed myself from the “prison of monogamy”… Unbeknownst to me, almost 3 years in such a prison gave me time to reflect and observe the world. It was saddening no longer playing my part providing others with the potential to expand their awareness and grow up. I crumbled from “active explorer” perpetually investigating to “bitter…

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10Lifestyle Rebirth: Road To First 1000 Insiders

10Lifestyle Road To 1000 Insiders

Wow what a ride the last few years have been…10Lifestyle is back!!! But, before I get into that I must admit I’m hyped up to be relaunching 10lifestyle and brain dumping all of my current and future content through a multitude of projects… As I’ve learnt “1 step at a time” Behind the scenes I’ve…

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