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Posted by on May 3, 2013 in Interviews | 4 comments

A Chat With Pierre Woodman On Lifestyle Design

A Chat With Pierre Woodman On Lifestyle Design

In the first exclusive interview of our Inspirational Interviews series, we have asked the legendary producer Pierre Woodman some questions about his lifestyle, “inner game”, women and passions. Enjoy!

Quick Bio

Pierre Woodman was born in Auvergne, France in 1963. He has been married three times and has had two children. After divorcing porn star Tania Russof, he is married to model Sophie Paris, since 2002.
Pierre had a modest upbringing, he started working at age 16, doing various jobs (clerk, barman, salesman, etc.). He joined the military at age 17, then became a cop in 1983 in the 18th district of Paris. His carreer in the entertainment/fashion industry started in 1986, when he left the police to become a fashion photographer. Since then, he directed more than 60 porn movies, more than 2000 porn scenes, 1500 photosets, and more than 7000 castings. He slept with 4200 to 5000 women and received several awards during his carreer.

On Learning To Seduce Women

The last decade have seen the emergence of an industry based around coaching men on how to seduce women (we sent Pierre some PUA videos from Youtube). What is your opinion on the so-called PUA community? Have you ever considered becoming a PUA-guru?

It looks funny. Frankly, for me, people who sell this kind of stuff are clowns !!!

When you watch my castings, you understand that the recipe is not complicated on paper, but it’s the quality of the ingredients that make the meal come together. Ingredients are the real problem, and only the ones who can cook with passion and patience can succeed. Paying thousands of dollars to hear someone tell you « You go dude, just be honest and tell her this and that », well it’s total bullshit!!! I am the first guy to often repeat the same sentences to convince, but in more than half the cases, I have to adapt to situations related to the girl’s mindset. For this, you need more than a seminar to win. You need experience and a good brain, to not try to lie but to the contrary be fearless and go head first. It doesn’t work every time, but it is the way I do it…

20 years ago I would have never done that, but nowadays, I don’t care and I help a lot of people to learn my little secrets, although I do it only in my private circle rather than publically, because I have a lot of enemies. My “system” is the key of my business in the porn industry. I have other businesses that are not related to porn and at no point do they require the special qualities I use in porn. I don’t think a system to seduce girls is something that can be transmitted as easily as people would want, and also I have to protect my system as it is one of the keys of my business.

Does Money Matter?

What is the importance of money in seducing women? Did it get easier when you became rich?

You fish easy, but you fish wrong, if you use your car or your money as a hook!!!

The mother of my daughter left a rich guy in Porsche, to marry a poor cop with an Alfa Romeo “Sprint Veloce” that had 150.000 Km on its mileage indicator.

Even though, we got divorced 5 years later she was, and still is a women who has no interest in money or luxury cars. My daughter is the same and my wife Sophie too. So yeah, it is a lot of fun to seduce girls while driving a beautiful car, but it is the last thing to do if you want to find the woman of your life.

On Haters

In your opinion, what quality made you reach the success you have?

I see my life as a permanent struggle. It is my strength, and what fuels me, and every year that passes I feel stronger than the previous one! Haters, critics, human stupidity and what a lot of people tried to do to stop me, nothing ever phased me. The spider is too patient. Someday in my autobiography, I’ll give all the details because that day I won’t be doing porn anymore.

But suffice to say that you can’t please everybody, especially when you have a job like mine (even though a lot of people seem to like it :)).

It’s quite funny to see the difference of attitude between someone who likes sex and a frustrated individual.

But I don’t worry the haters can lick my asshole, I don’t care of them, they are so stupid, so frustrated, and me so happy ! I let them in their own shit life, mine is full of pussy flavor and I love that !!!

On Eastern Europe And …Stuff

At 10 Lifestyle, we are all big fans of eastern europe as a lifestyle location (not only for the women…). I believe, you are now living between Budapest and Prague. What made you chose to locate your lifestyle there, instead of France or the US?

To my personal taste, girls in Eastern Europe are simply prettier and more relaxed than in the west, for the simple reason that in the east street harassment does not exist. I am not saying that you should not approach a girl in the street. It’s just that the way you approach is important. Things like “Hey bitch, you suck dick?”, like we often hear it in Paris, are the best way to get your teeths smashed in Eastern Europe.  Wherever you live, a nice and cool approach always results in smiles and potentially more… Paris is one of the least secure cities in the world. It’s my personal point of view, just the experience of someone who travels all around the world and meets a lot of people. For instance, I am currently in Santiago, in Chile and I swear that I feel more relaxed compared to Paris. When I take walks with Sophie, all I see is people who seem happy. I never hear “Hey your bitch wants to suck my dick”, every five minutes, like I do in Paris. Now if my wife was 120kg with pimples all over her face, I probably would have a different opinion :)

But let’s make one thing clear about Eastern Europe. Here, the bad guys are really bad. They are not some losers who need to be with 15 of his friends to kick a guy’s ass on Champs-Elysées.

There has been a scandal recently in Budapest, because a wrestler and a boxer brutalized a group of gypsies who attacked them with knives. One of the two took a nasty hit, but they seriously injured the rest of the gang. The press and the population are on their sides, especially after the murder of Handball champion a few years ago in similar conditions.

To give you an idea, A few years ago, I was leaving La Durée (Editor’s note: a restaurant in Paris) in a hurry, because I was parked in the middle of Champs-Elysées and my car was going to get removed.

My daughter, who was 16 years old at the time, took the front exit of the restaurant when two guys approached her:

-Are you with the rich guy in the Mercedes?

-No he’s my father!

-Oh shit, you are the daughter of Pierre Woodman! He must have taught you to give killer blowjobs. You must be a good fuck.

When they saw that I was coming back they quickly ran away like jackals!

I used to have a house in Barcelona. My daughter and Sophie walked around the city countless times without ever being harassed. Even less in Prague or Budapest.

In 2005 I got attacked Quai de Grenelle in Paris, by two guys on a scooter who tried to rob me of the little Volkswagen Polo of Sophie. I was alone. I had put Sophie’s Yorkshire on the backseat. I see the two guys coming and as I was going to get in the car I received a major hit on the head. They stopped their motocycle and came to finish me. Bad luck for them. The old man still has strength and I ate them alive with the angry Woodman Sauce. I had similar problems in 2004, but everytime I handled it my way and every time I discreetly left the guys KO on the sidewalk, because I was under restriction to drive after my fine for speeding in 2003, but this time (2005) I was all good with regard to law so I called the police while touching the easter egg that started to form on the back of my head. To make a long story short, I was the one who left with the handcuffs, between two big guys of the 15th district police department. I was thrown in a cell while my two aggressors where asked if they wanted to press charges.

A story like this would never happen to me in Budapest, where I knocked out two cops (including one by mistake!) in 1998, without getting in any trouble whatsoever. As the guy from the 15th district police department was telling me “you should have done like the two last times (I had told him the 1998 story in Budapest), quickly cleaning things up and leaving without calling the police is the best thing to do nowadays”. This is where our beautiful country is at, but it’s nothing new. Several years prior I had left the police because of all that.

On Passion

Your life is a prime example of a lifestyle built from scratch, around one’s passion. What are you passionate about besides women?

I am a man who has simple passions: Beautiful women and beautiful cars.

This is the Alpha Roméo I used to dream of when I was young in the army and that I was able to get when I became a cop. This picture was taken in the family garden in Auvergne.


In 1994, an italian friend lent me the car that was the most mythic for me at the time : The Countach. I rented one for my movie Gigolo the following year.


Later my big passion was the Viper I had in L.A. A real beast, hyper unstable but never a car made me have such rushes of adrenaline. A unique mix of fear and joy!!!



The Modena was my very first Ferrari and I keep great memories with it.

Modena While shooting Manipulation, I had rented a Diablo. What a great idea that was! It made me understand that it’s a car I should never buy :)

Lambo After I dropped the Modena, I had an opportunity to own a unique toy: A prototype-car made by AMG with a special engine. They only made 20 copies of it. I went to 327Km/h with it. I named it “Bertha” because it is German, but also because Berth Milton went crazy the day I parked it in the Parking of Private, near his grey 55 SL, which looked cheap next to my car. He never got over it. After that I got caught at 287Km/h and thrown in a cell. The car spent 8 months at the impound and I had to drop it.


After that, followed a more quiet period where I was driving a BMW 7 Series in France and a Cayenne in Spain. Then in 2006, I had one of the biggest shocks of my life. A Motorized Grizzly, something that destroys the road, but costs a leg and doesn’t live up to its price unfortunately. But What a car !!!


In 2007 and 2008, I had a lot of fun with the Ferrari 599 and the Lambo LP 640.

Lambo2 The Lambo is a poser’s car which is of no utility whatsoever except making noise. But the 599 is the best car in the world, in my opinion. A true pleasure to drive it, with a real trunk for your luggage and amazing performances. It’s a little less aggressive than the SLR and a little uglier, in my opinion but safer at high speed. I beat my record (333Km/h), the day this photo was taken.


In 2011, I was in L.A. and made myself a little gift, with the latest little Lambo. It’s really pleasant.


A friend of mine also lent me his Bentley. I had a lot of fun with it in Prague.

Bently Since then, there has been the 458, which kicks ass, but requires elite driving skills. But it’s not a car to travel in unfortunately. Finally, my X5 is great as well. I ordered the 50d version which is a monster, in which I can put a lot of girls. I can’t do that in a super car :) The Typhoon version is splendid!!! Maybe I’ll let myself fall for it…


I also had the chance to be one of the 500 first people to put my ass in the McLaren MP4.

ml Even though it is superior to the 458 in terms of pure performances, the Ferraris have a unique taste and I currently prefer them to Mc Laren. But things can change…


  1. Really like the perspective drawn between ee cities and those of Paris. Definitely think that street harassment creates a shell around women.

    Would love an interview with a musician or business man next!

    Keep up the awesomeness.

  2. Nicee . I wonder what hes was doin it Santiago Chile

  3. the ONLY reason he has sex with girls is because they’re dirt poor and he has enough MONEY to persuade them, to get in bed with his old, fat, bald hairy little dick self! i never pay for porn, but answer me this, why the fuck would i want a membership yto his cheap site, when i have a better body, dick face and am younger than him and can do a better job at fucking? it’s an insult to my intelligence to see some old, fat SLOB loser getting with attractive whores. and sophie isn’t a “model” she’s a pornstar! i used to masturbate to her solo vids, years ago. my point, pierre is a loser who pretends to be a sex god, all while paying a lot of money to fuck the girls he sticks his little dick in, lol.

    • so far, the guy is a millionaire drives a Ferrari, fucked over 4000 women in his life, and basically living it, while you sit at home masturbate to his films…. now tell me who is the LOSER ??


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