Was I Wrong About The PUA Industry?

PUA Community Sucks

It’s funny that my life has lead me to this point…   For as long as I can remember I’ve always said that guys in the dating community are doing it all wrong and how MOST SUCK WITH WOMEN. Hence, why guys will go through 25 approaches hoping that they’ll find that 1 who is…

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The Key To Maintaining Your Social Network

7001 - Maintaining Your Social Network

As requested a 10LS reader asked me to disclose how I both manage and maintain my network of “social connections”…   I’ve decided to skip over the “how” as it’s covered in social life-hacking 2.0, essentially COLD APPROACH is a tool that gives you the freedom to dictate all aspects of your social life from…

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New Flash: Social Welfare Dependency Is A Common Problem


Is it a cultural thing for most westernized societies to be dependent on the welfare of FABRICATED “Social Realms”?   Take a moment to think about your “closest” friends more time than not if you’re in your early-mid 20s you will instantly think of someone who lived in your local area as a child (most…

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How Tinder Can Enhance Your Social Life


Quick Backstory…I’m apart of this facebook group where guys talk about their online dating experiences which usually has screenshots of their texts. The sad thing is most are coming from a CHASER perspective and it’s rare that I’ve ever seen anything “good”.   It had reached a point where I thought the group was made…

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Case Study: 10Lifestyle Insider Failed To Be Decisive


This post is long over do, it happened about 2 months ago while an insider member was in NY solo doing it up. Usually when I’m talking about things 80% of the time it’s based on HARD EVIDENCE based on my own past experiences that I’ve witnessed and/or concluded due to its consistency of probability. In…

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